The Monster Next to Me #04 — Fish Episode

October 22nd, 2012


What’s with the random other beat-up guy in the background anyway?


This episode was kind of all over the place. Unfortunately, most of it wasn’t particularly funny or even eventful. It started with him smiling and all the girls falling for him, switched to some random girl being bullied and in a scene that made zero sense, everybody stared in shock when he beat up the bully, including the girl he was protecting. And then we move on to camping for about 90 seconds Haru’s brother, but didn’t really learn anything about him either, so uh… I’m not entirely certain what the point of this episode was. There wasn’t even a random subplot driving it, just an array of random events loosely tied together, and not even consistently.

If he had actually lost control or something during the fight, maybe that scene could’ve worked. Or maybe I’ve just seen too many hockey fights, because short of the stright shot to the plexus, that would barely even count as roughhousing. Oh yeah, and the other guy coldcocked him with everybody watching. Cultural differences don’t cover it here, especially not with the last five minutes centering around how everybody suddenly loves him again just for smiling. Unless the entire point was to show that everybody except the named characters are flighty, brainless twits. Still not a point in the writing’s favor though.

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