Sakurasou’s Pet Girl #03 — We’re Teenagers! This Stuff Matters!

October 22nd, 2012


Okada wishes she could be more like Melrose Place.

I did take a gander at both the New World and Horimiya OVAs. The former is just teenage girls literally wandering around ruins for 25 minutes and the latter looks like it was made by the interns of interns.


Good god. This was an almost insultingly melodramatic episode. And over goddamned nothing. How can we go on living this charade now knowing this minor background detail that has yet to be shown to affect anybody, even the person in question? But everything’s totally different now! I guess from Okada I shouldn’t be that surprised, but I still expect better, even from her. At least have the decency to stick this kind of crap at the end of the show, not three episodes in where it’s obvious to all that nothing’s actually going anywhere. But hey, at least there was some humor in the form of Aoyama misunderstanding things and screaming about it again, which as we all know is the funniest goddamned thing ever. There was also some use of a fish eye lens, just so we knew that the director showed up to work this week. Otherwise, the ten straight seconds of speedlines and running legs would have been silly.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    Wait, Okada? What? Time to get the fuck out.

    Too bad you didn’t share with us the 4th New World wich was half IIINFOOO DUUUMPIIING and half look-at-all-those-cuts-because-no-budget.

    • Aroduc says:

      Sounds enthralling.

      • algorithm says:

        Kids learning about rape and murder. They were captivated. They still don’t know what anime is though.

    • Kunagisa says:

      Don’t be completely fucking retarded cause you know nothing about the staff and budget appropriation. Just cause there are still frames doesn’t mean it’s low budget moron.

      • algorithm says:

        Sorry for enjoying Shin Sekai Yori for what it is. We’re not Total Eclipe or Hagure Yuusha level yet, far from it, but clearly this one got a modest budget, and aside from a few scenes like the Karma Demon thing or the ED, the best thing the staff is doing so far is doing as much cuts of stills as possible to keep the visuals from falling apart, staying in model, etc. A lot of economical tricks all around.

        • Kunagisa says:

          Have you even consider the fact there has been no OP for 4 episodes already? How many more frames do they have to put in for those? Hell they even use different drawings for the title. Compare to your average anime, the amount of stills are quite low. Episode 4 only seems high because it is an infodump episode.

          “Economical” tricks exist in every single anime; Shinsekai should not even be mentioned for this. In fact, all the telekinetic scenes have much higher frames than those action oriented anime, so I enjoy it for the high quality production, while you enjoy it for the totally opposite reason, which I’m sure the staff appreciates if they know.

  • Kusano says:

    OH YEAHHHH, bring on more of that melodrama!

  • Chipp12 says:

    Not that fucking black shooting thing again…

  • The Phantom says:

    This was depressing, any more of this and I’m not watching anymore of this.