Robotics;Notes #01 — Volume Control

October 11th, 2012


Someone had too many Sugar Frosted Marshmallow Chocos.


Well, it was trying to be more of a comedy than I expected it to. Failing faily miserably, but trying. You could always tell when a joke was made because someone would scream. Sometimes the scream would be the joke, sometimes it’d take upwards of one or two seconds later, but there was always a scream. Someone should’ve probably also told the musical director what the rest of the show was doing. At the very least, they could’ve told him to stop trying to suck the life out of the show. It had little enough of that to start without having elevator music… or no music… taking away what little there was. The direction was also simply dull as snot. What effort was put into the technical side of things was more or less wasted by all the rest. The OP was the most exciting thing about the entire episode.

Anyway, morose uninterested/uninteresting guy is dragged around by an overly energetic girl bubbling over about a wacky club, and… uh… that’s really all that was in this episode. "Robots are cool. Let’s start a robot club" "But I’m boring and lazy." "I’m inexplicably and obnoxiously excited enough for ten people." Episode over. The end. I sure am excited about nothing happening. Which I bet is great setup for the future episodes where… something might happen. This is your first episode. This is where you are supposed to hook your audience and get them excited to see what comes next. Instead, there’s just a tired introductory cliche that should’ve lasted maybe five minutes at the absolute most stretched out to twenty. Fantastic.

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