Psycho-Pass #01 — Dour Men Talking Offscreen

October 11th, 2012


How exciting.


At least it sort of understood the concept of a hook. Sort of. Once it finished about a minute of panning over CG buildings at any rate. Things were pretty much all downhill from that first fight though. Stop me if this sounds familiar. A bunch of dour-faced men talking just off screen in an overly CGed world, spending the entire episode dumping babble/exposition that for all the emotion and interest they and the director put into it, they may as well be talking about whether they’re using teak vs mahogany flooring. Luckily, there’s the rookie character whose job is to sit there with a doe-eyed stricken expression on her face. Otherwise, they’d just be morons needlessly explaining every single thing about their world to nobody. Then they might have to put some effort into characters instead of rambling about the setting. This rookie is also so well-trained and convincing that she’s a cop that the first thing she does when they start moving is panic the hell out. Then point her gun at her senior’s back as they casually walk along. I don’t care how magic your guns are.

At least it’s usually somewhat nice looking CG. Still the same overly shiny, high frame rate nonsense that makes it obtrusive, but I have seen worse ugly CG buildings. And again, the fight at the start wasn’t bad. That’s about where my interest ended though. All the characters but three were exposition machines. One was the requisite brash cop, the other was the aforementioned rookie whose only two jobs were to ask questions for more explanation, and the third was the rapist. The ridiculous, overblown, frothing at the mouth rapist. Then they shot him which made his entire body swell up and explode in a shower of blood. Subtlety, thy name is not Psycho-Pass. And then they tried to execute the rapee as rookie struggled and screamed about it until she shot one of the other cops. Okay, just with a stun, but I really don’t think "the magic gun told us to" covers suspension of disbelief here. Even Judge Dredd’s legal system isn’t this unbelievably ridiculous, not to mention is treated with only half the melodrama over it.

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  • leokiko says:

    My exact thoughts.

  • herkz says:

    More like the drama is utterly ridiculous and unbelievable and typical for Urobuchi so unlikely to get any better.

  • Bocam says:

    So it’s basically Minority Report: The Anime?

    • Aroduc says:

      In that they both take place in the future and involve police, yes. Otherwise, they are absolutely nothing alike.

      • animedyum says:

        …and they both have a judicial system that can render a verdict before you even commit a crime. So, pretty much yes.

        • Aroduc says:

          That already exists. It’s called attempt. Or conspiracy with more than one person, which doesn’t even require any overt act.

          And you’re not executed in the street for it. In either real life, or Minority Report, which showed its magical mens rea detector through catching someone in the act, not a heavy handed rapist followed by “his victim is just as bad as him because the gun said so.” Also an important distinction which makes one of the two settings buyable and the other puerile.

        • animedyum says:

          Attempt IS also a crime. What was the victim’s crime/attempt in terms of existing law system? Nothing. But they still gave a verdict because the gun said that she “may/is going to/will” commit a crime. PreCrime all over again like in Minority Report.

        • Aroduc says:

          The very definition of attempt means that the guilty act was not committed. Mens rea is not actus rea. And yes, like I said, it’s already a crime. Besides which, there’s still the massive difference between MR and this where one is imminent and the other is maybe some potential future event based on temporary mood that’s punished fifteen times as hard.

        • animedyum says:

          But neither of the crimes or attempts, you name it, in MR and PP (talking about the victim’s case) haven’t committed yet. So the people are innocent actually since they haven’t attempted or committed a crime so far. In MR it is imminent because the system said so, in PP it might be happening soon because the gun… well, again the system said so.

        • Aroduc says:

          One is specific, exact, and imminent (as is the common standard for attempted crime). The other is momentary, unknown, and distant. The former is treated like an attempted crime, the latter is immediate execution. The two are only similar in terms of magic + police.

  • slicedice says:

    Has there been an anime you liked in the past 10 years? (okay, say 20 years) cause EVERY anime get’s bagged on in this blog. Do you blog just for the irony of it or what?

  • tear says:

    “Then point her gun at her boss’s back”

    It’s the opposite, at least according the subs, these guys are her subordinates.

  • susu says:

    I havent read or seen any other related materials regarding this anime before, so I dont know how the characters will develop.

    But for now, I gotta say I hate that fcking bitch.
    Her righteous personality makes me sick.

    Personal feelings, not saying she’s to be hated by everyone. I just personally really hate that type of character.