Hidamari Sketch xHC #04 — Obligatory Pool Episode

October 25th, 2012


It really is Sweeps for Hidamari, isn’t it?


Even for Hidamari, this was a pretty painfully boring episode. Pool episodes are so very very played out in every single thing and this did absolutely nothing to make it stand out but toss in an explanation about how to use a camera plus the standard Hidamari "slow everything to a crawl because Yuuno eats ritalin like popcorn." And like always, Yoshinoya got relegated to just a brief moment or two… in the same ugly blue rubber thing as everyone else… and wasn’t even squeaking. If she’s not squeaking, can you really even say that it’s her? And then they all clustered around Nori’s comput to look at Yoshinoya’s breasts. That was probably the highlight of the episode.



The invention of the cotton gin.

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