Hidamari Sketch xHC #03 — An Episode With Only One Bath

October 18th, 2012


Still the wrong person taking it though.


There’s probably something to be said about the director’s slavish devotion to padding out time ingrained cultural politeness of the Japanese teenage female when they stand in a torrential downpour, deliberately greeting every single person that they have encountered in turn, not to mention that they were just wandered out into it and started screaming in the first place, which puts them on about the mental level of turkeys. And somehow despite the sideways wind, did not get a single drop on them, or even have their hair ruffled. That ‘joke’ had to be saved for later. Perhaps it’s the eerily round room. I’m sure the director thought it clever to do one long circular pan for the Go Fish segment, but that just highlighted the otherworldly, perfectly round room that they were in.

The second half was one of the exceedngly dull segments of the shoe. They way they keep shoehorning Yoshinoya in with strange costumes makes it clea that they know the people want yet will only give small tastes. It also highlighted Nazuna’s inability to go to go to the bathroom by herself. And by that, I man physically reach the bathroom. Just like she’d rather stand there and scream in the wind instead of getting out of it, apparently she’d rather wet herself than ask for her bathroom pass. Omigawa, you disgust me.


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