Yuruyuri #23 — Back to the Future

September 10th, 2012


Same matter cannot occupy the same space. SAME MATTER CANNOT OCCUPY THE SAME SPACE!


Really, show? They stumble upon a time machine in the closet and then a random nameless side character just falls into it? This is really the plot that we are going with? Not that I like using such trite phrases as "Jumped the shark," but  a time machine? Seriously? And no, that it was all just Kyouko’s story does not excuse it. That’s almost as bad as a ‘just a dream’ ending, which is what I was expecting from the start until it kept dragging on and on and on. You need to actually make it a parody, or at least corny. Not play it completely straight, try to wring emotion out of it, and then go "Just kidding!" in the last 3 seconds. It was also entirely too accurate to be a Kyouko story anyway. Why wasn’t Chinatsu a rabid magical lesbian? Also, sleeping in Akane’s bed? Why not just dip yourself in honey and go prod some grizzlies? At least that way, your virtue would remain intact before you’re eaten.

Unfortunately though, it was a pretty lame episode besides the incredularity. Bizarrely over-animated in places, but still rather lame. The insert song with flashback montage was godawful, as they always are, not to mention all the recycled other stuff in general, and entirely too many of the jokes had the punchline of "What I just tried did not work!" That’s not a joke. That’s an explanation of what you just showed. The attempts at being touching and whatnot also belonged in some other show entirely.



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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    Forgettable episode for a forgettable character.

  • U.Renko says:

    So much red in the thumbanails.


    the only way feel on this ep was like so got my head kick in by daniel bryan or like big WHY WHAT on it?

    so akarin finally get ep give via time travel try to change her past give sister bit happy mood see two akarin & sleep with akarin mention change the past ruined your memories.

    after trying akarin just leave it as way should seeing her future might get better then came back to persent everyone likes akarin.

    til boom & ONORE TOSHINOU KYOUKO for making this story idea of yours.

    at least another ep & maybe s3 on the way?

  • Gorilla13 says:


  • Vrial-night says:

    The human change every day a great amount of cells, so tecnically she has make from diferent matter…

    And she never touch her counterpart on that time, so she never occupy the same space…

    So she never had the “SAME MATTER” and never “OCCUPY THE SAME SPACE”…

    Oh God… my stupid brain make that text…¿?

  • ark noir says:

    I remember the film ‘the devil’s advocate?’ Wasn’t the Devil in two place at once! then again its fiction.