That’s Why I Can’t Have Sex #11 — Molesting Dogs

September 18th, 2012


What does this show have against them anyway?


Another truly godawful overly melodramatic episode that went absolutely nowhere. The music this week deserves special mention for being so inanely over the top. At this point, they should just go a little further and turn it into a soap opera parody. Nobody thinks he’s going to die of magic plot convenience, and the only thing less convincing than the show claiming he has some kind of relationship with or feelings for Red is claiming that he could have some kind of relationship with Mildew. His relationship with the dog has more development. Didn’t stop everybody from gasping in shock when she admitted that she liked him. Just how thick are these imbeciles? At this point, she began emitting sparklies as Japanese women are wont to do during emotional moments. Well, either those or cherry blossoms depending on the season.

I mostly amused myself with the background signs on their date. Feel Coffee? Really? And a shop named "Food and Drink?" And who was running the projector? My suspension of disbelief is ruined. Thank god it’s over next week.


Sooooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    “Another truly godawful overly melodramatic episode that went absolutely nowhere.”

    “Why do you even watch this cancer in the first place?” is what comes in mind.

    • Aroduc says:

      Because nothing else airs on Tuesdays and it was only mockably bad instead of a melodramatic mess for the first 9 or so episodes on Thursday nights. I’d rather finish it to say I did than dump it a few episodes from the end.

  • sato says:

    ^ Masochism… he’s fapping to every episode.

  • Whyyyy? says:

    I come to this site since a couple of years and I’m still wondering why Aroduc is waching Anime in the first place.
    Is he really just hard to please or does he like his often exegerated “bashing” of every show he is bloging?

    • algorithm says:

      What I don’t get is why he sticks with so many shittier than shit shows that won’t spawn anything but a boring and expected “it was still shit this week” review while he definitely has the brain to take on shows that could lead to delightful bashing yet accurate comments from his part, last season he did a lot of those.

  • Newprimus says:

    I think it’s both. He has an extremely critical eye for things and he possesses a form of sadism where he gets off sexually on bashing bad anime and whatnot.

    Because I can’t really see any other reason why he would subject himself willingly to do this with so many shows.

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s hard to fathom every single thing he watches is bad. I mean, THAT MUCH material is crap?
      I stand by my assesment that the hate for everything he watches is merely a gimmick.

  • Benigmatica says:

    And the title was dropped on the final episode…

    So sad that Ero-suke died on this episode!

  • KLAC-O says:

    oh my by look this yea still one ep left to go.

    besides give fill in ryosuke’s mom about everything & plans to save ryosuke give purple hair going it will fail.

    so date ryosuke & mina seem well til ryosuke just can’t accept mina’s feelins due to the truth that ryousuke want lisara.

    give lisara still burned marked body going like why & tsun just that ryosuke want lisara nuff said then he “bought the wagon”.

    cue NO from everyone & to be continued…