That’s Why I Can’t Have Sex #10 — Bestiality

September 11th, 2012


…The dog got a lot of action this week.


I prefer to think of the start as her breaking down in tears not because he woke up, but because she caught him swapping saliva with the dog and was so overwhelmed by jealousy that it broke her fragile mind. The entirety of the first half was spent trying to keep him from figuring out what happened in blatant padding… followed by… and wait for this… someone popping up to infodump what happened. They could have at least made the padding creepy if they were going to go all angsty over the eventual reveal, but no… just the usual nonsense. Strip poker! But he cheated! Hi-larious! And then five minutes of despaaaaaaaaaair. Because Doofus/this show have really done emotion and drama amazingly so far.

I’m ready for this to be over. Or to move back to Thursday evenings when I cleanly have more patience for its shenanigans.


Talking foreheads.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    The fact that you manage to keep watching so many terrible shows this season is beyond amazing.

    PS : The dog is back, good.

  • Jack says:

    The scenes with the dog always reminds me of Linda Lovelace.


    good news & bad news on this give a week has past

    good news
    ryosuke is awake oh ceasar dog is here everyone ok give lisara still got burned scars.
    give ryosuke got 2 weeks to live got rare person mina to save ryosuke & iria quit her company now make contract with ceasar the dog & poker game til busted cheat ryosuke.

    bad news
    hiding something which lead to meet dulena appear expose the damage ryosuke has done & make sure ryousuke will expire in 2 weeks give all of them no way but ryosuke total shock.
    more worse she staying in keep sure ryosuke is expire & after watching the shocking truth ryosuke wonder what have i done?

  • The Phantom says:

    Man what a horrendous show, the only reason I watch this is because there is absolutely nothing else to watch on Monday-Wednesday.

  • tendo says:

    commentator: finish him
    (dog does something to main character)
    commentator: flawless victory! Animality!

  • ark noir says:

    why should you hate the main character:

    getting excited at cule in apron and underwear > turning down served-on-a-plate nookie with cule

    apparntly this MC likes to look but not touch unless its ol’ scarface lisara.