That’s Why I Can’t Have Sex #09 — …Or A Consistent Frame Rate

September 4th, 2012


What the hell was going on here, feel?


I really must reiterate how much more unpleasant it is to watch this on its own in the morning instead of on Thursday nights with the threat/in the aftermath of the other corny, bad AT-X show. Terrible things are so much easier to swallow on a full stomach. Anyway… and you’ll never guess this one… they got kicked around for a while before his power suddenly exploded and he won in one attack. It’s the formula that has never ever ever gotten old! Never! I guess at least feel is putting some effort into animating it. Not much, and it still looks awful, which brings me to the main point…

The star of this episode though was the remarkably awful direction. It’s never good to begin with, but usually the writing managed to beat it out in the terrible-off. Not this week though. Between the really freakish over-animation, the nonsensical daydreaming and overreactions in the middle of the fight, just good god. See, because his true ultimate sexual fantasy is a loving relationship. That is sooooooooo… Good lord, I don’t even know what. And apparently he spent that entire daydream narrating it to everybody else in the room. And that’s not even touching on the truly awful music. The start deserves special mention. "Flair the dramatic music! Final approach! Now… pan over some stuff! Pan some more! Pan some more! Pan more! Okay. Music’s over. Cut to something else."



Return of the dog.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    As usual MC went from I want dozens of women to sleep with to I want to see dozens of women nude but I’ll only eff the Japanese idea of a perfect woman-a f&*king long haired tsundere.

    • Nanaya says:

      Actually, I see that as a sign of progress. The original Japanese ideal of a perfect woman was someone who you never see because she’s always kneeling behind you, never talks or makes noise and just passively sits there as you beat her up and cheat on her. Most boring ideal ever.

  • FREE-KLAC-ZING says:

    i guess now say is ONORE ryosuke-DECADE this is all your fault!!!

    so mina is the rare person then lisara to rescue til galder to denied then get mina’s power but more denied due to contract of quele that mina.

    here ryosuke all sword & charge seem bit uh-oh then after one touch of lisara with imagine living normal life with lisara beat galder.

    but galder just pull a narutaki’s speech all this will cause ta-da both gates of human & grimworld to lead invasion attack on human world.

    indeed ONORE ryosuke-DECADE you just break gates to bring two world together.

    wonder what next?

  • Benigmatica says:

    Man, this battle is anticlimatic in my opinion… On the other hand, if Grimwald is linked with Highschool DxD and KoreZom, it’s gonna be problematic!

    And BTW Mr. Aroduc, are you surprised that Highschool DxD will have another season?

  • someone says:

    Censored screencaps. Wimpy wimpy wimpy.