Love, an Election, and Chocolate #10 — Knocking Girls Over

September 13th, 2012


How does he keep barrelling into girls in wide-open spaces?


At least they didn’t make the terrible cliffhanger from last week any worse by dragging things out. It did make Chisato become ultra-clingy, which was a little weird as Yuuki continued to go about his usual process of looking at various objects and narrating what he was seeing with a girl hanging off his arm the entire time. It also seems like something that either Satsuki or Hazuki would at least note after having their own big spat over him an episode or two ago. They didn’t do a bad job with them having it out finally although him throwing her across the room was probably a bit much, and the montage afterward was just inane. I have literally no idea what it was trying to show. Still, it was nice to see both her trying to change to be what he was asking for and him being aware of his fault in it too.

The stuff with Michiru that ate up most of the second half couldn’t interest me less at this point. She’s been a complete non-entity in the show and messing around with her in the eleventh hour isn’t going to win any points from me. Especially if they’re going to ramp up the already poorly-done intrigue aspects to a truly ridiculous level. I’m not entirely certain why they needed to knock him out there. Or how they got an unconscious body OUT of the hospital, unless the creepy auditorium/soundproof interrogation chamber was part of the hospital. And then they still do nothing with it besides infodump over slow pans. Thrilling.


Dark rooms.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    Bets for who yuuki ends up with are over……wasn’t it obvious, f%&king chisato end.

  • kobester says:

    Wow! did mari okada just wrote this episode? They all became angsty

    I don’t think the karate chop was necessary though…

  • Tesark says:

    My God, she’s been forcing him to do that ridiculous chocolate ritual for 10+ years. Are we really supposed to see this as romantic and not psychotic? After so many years of tolerating her bullshit, I’m not surprised Yuuki finally snapped. This series has forever tainted chocolate bars for me. Now every time I see one, I’ll think of this crazy ass bitch.

    If he does end up with her (which unfortunately seems to be likely) I at least hope all this chocolate nonsense stops. Maybe get her some professional help. Because that retarded chocolate ritual isn’t normal or healthy. (Once again, awesome anime parenting her parents have)

  • Anonymous says:

    >How does he keep barrelling into girls in wide-open spaces?

    The simplest solution is usually the correct one. Thus, he is doing it on purpose. Probably some sort of obscure fetish or something, wouldn’t be the oddest behavior in this series (see chocolate ritual).

  • tubehunter says:

    Meh. Chisato’s behaviour is really nasty.
    They shattered my dream of seeing Satsuki’s ending.
    Also, I don’t think they are trying to raise Michiru’s flag. She has to be mentioned because she’s related to one of the main plots : election. (?)

  • DE-KLAC-CADE says:

    drama & conspiracy mix together oh boy yea this is get to be bit uh-oh.

    flashback showing how chisato & chocolate history with tomoya 2.0 keep give chocolate due to daiki issue.

    tomoya 2.0 is ok give chisato very stuck with him so much give wake up slap tomoya 2.0 is not daiki replacement cue big drama on it.

    tomoya 2.0 give michuru hee harmonica give play mention “kana” see class pres on hospital lead to kana aka person who got runover back ep.1 so yea tomoya 2.0 now you’re involve conspiracy & oh michuru is a spy working with class pres.

    3eps to go?

  • algorithm says:

    Why are childhood friends the most cancerous when they are the main love interest?

  • elior1 says:

    yuki clearly said he not love her in the way she think about him and also said in this episode i say we get satsuki ending in this 3 final episodes

  • moridin84 says:

    “How does he keep barrelling into girls in wide-open spaces?”
    Why does Yuuki Rito keep tripping on nothing and end up going women?

    This is what it means to be a harem protagonist!

    “yuki clearly said he not love her in the way she think about him and also said in this episode i say we get satsuki ending in this 3 final episodes”

    Kana ending.

  • SnooSnoo says:

    > Not Non-chan end
    What is wrong with you people