Dog Days #26 — Uhhhhhhhh… The End?

September 29th, 2012


Well that was a fat lot of nothing.


It’s not like I was expecting them to suddenly toss in a boss threatening the nations or anything important in the final episode, but I expected a little more than just nothing. Especially after him leaving last season was so blood overly melodramatic. They uh… give the heroes some farewell presents, have a farewell bath/sleepover, then everyone goes home and back to their normal lives. And… uh… that’s it. Even them getting stuck in the world and "The adventures in petting continue!" would’ve probably been more satisfying than this.

And since there was little else this episode besides some very very heavy tail stroking and further evidence that Doofus is a eunuch, I’m not sure what else there is to say.


Final Thoughts:

Well, as far as comparisons to the first season go, it did a better job keeping production a little more consistent through the whole thing, and much of the gigantic holes in the writing disappeared, but that’s because it was the epitome of unambitious. It needed something to give events a little more oomph. The biggest offender were the two new characters introduced halfway through who literally served no purpose whatsoever (besides new things to sell figures of). Maybe an overarching plot, maybe flashier fights, maybe better focus on characters, something at any rate. If you want to be vacuously episodic like that with a huge cast like this, take some cues from western cartoons and drill down episodes onto characters to at least give the illusion that what is happening is important to someone. Important doesn’t mean angst-filled either, Eclair.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Jack says:

    An entire season of filler. What a waste.

    My money was on them being stuck in El-Hazard and that would have naturally led to a third season…but no. Not having read the source material, if there is any, I can’t see any reason to produce a third season. More head petting? Please.

    Too bad. Had hopes we would see more of the world and it’s ties to Earth, it’s history, and so on.

    • There isn’t any source material. This is anime original.

      I think the purpose of this was to introduce some characters and establish a baseline, all of which sets up a major story in the upcoming third series.

      And now everything is in place. Pastillage is in the story, and Couverte is now much closer to Leo and Millefiore. Isuka, Adelaide, and Valerio are established. We know more now about where demons come from, and why.

      And most important of all, next time Nanami and Rebecca will be experienced heroes, ready to rumble.

      I think that was the point of this cour. I don’t think they wanted to do anything else.

      I liked it. Evidently that’s going to be a minority opinion around here, but I liked it a lot.

      • moridin84 says:

        What? There’s going to be a third season? Why? It’s pretty obviously from this season that they simply have no idea what to write about.

        They probably didn’t expect the first season to be popular enough for a sequel.

  • algorithm says:

    That was one hell of a clusterfuck of uselessness.
    Damn all those useless new shitty characters de gozaru.

  • DE-KLAC-GRASSI says:

    well you can say this season of fun, no plot, slice of life, & more loads of loads of characters.

    yea pull a s3 let travel to human world next?

  • TMH says:

    “Well that was a fat lot of nothing.”

    Pretty much how you’d describe this entire show.

    That being said, I knew enough not to expect much going in so I’m not too disappointed with the outcome. More bright and shiny fluff with the occasional play battle. Overall, I can think of worse time wasters. Yay. *twirls finger*

  • Kefit says:

    I think this show has written itself into a corner where it’s impossible to create hypothetical third season with an actual plot. Season one had a real threat in the background which it woefully misused (demons), but season two has established that even demons are little more than non-threatening jokes at this point in time.

    If they really feel the need to add to this franchise then they should make a series focusing on Adel, Hina, and the rest of the eiyuu squad back in their active days.

  • Burnout says:

    Clearly, Sink will have hit puberty by the third season, which will become a standard harem series.

  • Cress says:

    How the hell did Millhi turned off the lights in the sleepover scene?

  • universalperson says:

    Third season needs to have a demonic invasion of Earth.

    That would be awesome.