Dog Days #23 — Sword Envy

September 8th, 2012


That’s a really big sword.


I’m not entirely certain what I was expecting from any of this episode as it went on since I can’t recall if there’s even the flimsiest of reasons for any of this. All I remember from last week is Eclair and Rico’s whining. It still seems like there should have been a writer involved somewhere here, or at the very basic, even the thinnest excuse for some kind of tiny narrative in these fights to at least give them some kind of purpose. At least make one an underdog or toss in some surprises. "X fights Y for no real reason, and they’re perfectly evenly matched!" for an entire episode really let down the actual effort put in. Certainly not helped at the start either by characters complimenting each other on how pretty their attacks were.

At least it was all pretty well done and straight action from start to finish, just not flashy enough to be able to carry the episode on nothing but flash. Better than no flash at all, but they could still use a magical rock or widget to fight over than makes jelly beans or someone’s hurt feelings sans Eclair-level angst/stupidity though. It did have a few moments of hilarious terribleness too, like whatever the hell that blur thing was with Nanami. I also dislike how Petting Boy keeps turning into his fantasy form. This has gone from a joke to a disturbing obsession.


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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • san-KLAC-ity says:

    in the words of daniel bryan NO NO NO brain bleach it now!!!

    give same old formula hmm wonder if like expect everyone get over-age grown-up mode or finally bring them to human world in s3?

  • Burnout says:

    Yeah, the way he magically ages up to be legal is kind of disturbing. Honestly, this show’s pretty much only about the pretty lights and the heavy petting, but it’s more-or-less pleasantly harmless.

    I’m not really expecting any major conclusions to this season, anyway.

    • san-KLAC-ity says:

      yea could be same formula as usual just more characters, light-soft, etc.

      make wonder what do pull a s3?

  • Burnout says:

    Maybe he hits puberty, and it goes from ‘kind-of-harem’ to ‘harem hijinks’, with the petting-zoo girls all over him. That could do two more seasons, easy.

  • The Phantom says:

    So what was the plot of this again?

  • You know, there’s every reason to believe that Adelaide is a formidable fighter. But she just isn’t very bright. One might even say she’s dumb as a rock.

    No one, NO ONE, was fooled by that mask.

    • Yue says:

      It worked for Clark Kent..

      I’m glad everyone in this caught on and didn’t fell into gullible valley.