Campione! #10 — Making Up For Lost Time

September 7th, 2012


I think I counted five kisses in about a two minute span. …Not even counting Athena double dipping her tongue either.


It should also be noted that that scene was probably more titillating than anything the other AT-X shows have managed this season. Sweaty, panting, begging girls make his swords… into a giant round shield apparently. Well, and large too. Fairly slow/padded episode up to that point though. Thankfully, the second half picked up a lot more, although it wasn’t quite as well animated as this show has often been. Still world’s better than last night’s fiasco of an action scene, but even with all the chattering and mythology for mythology’s sake, the show usually manages a minute or two of nicely done action in its fights instead of just little bits here and there.

The entire thing with Lily under Percy’s control was more than a little silly/cliche though, and Percy didn’t help matters at all by declaring the power of love responsible. And then Doofus hit him with the pig before Athena’s snake ate him. Which both sound like they could be bad sexual euphemisms, and very well may be. Lily’s then incorporated into the harem, given her official standing as she stands with the other females, ‘hilarious’ standard harem comedy wrapup. And then they hit him with the pig.


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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dante says:

    And still, this show is far better with other shows of this season.

  • Kadi says:

    Wow, this episode was a lot less infuriating that I thought it would be… Godou even sounded halfway cool once or twice.

    But what is it with these evaporating crowds this season?

    By the way, I recognize the song ~5 minutes in, when they are sitting on that bench, but I don’t remember from where… can somebody help me out?

  • moridin84 says:

    The best part was obviously Athena going for a second kiss after liking the first, plus Lily’s tears. That was lulz.

  • tylon says:

    I can see a formation of Round Table Knights…

    Athena-sama! Not only did she steal the kiss, she goes in for a second round!
    LOL @ the dialogue between Lily and Athena
    “Tell him I’ll be back” (^_^)
    “Just stay away.” (>_<)

  • Yue says:

    Godou! You walking kiss-magnet! You make me so envious!!

    //Haha.. Anon’s heart is crushed.

  • algorithm says:

    She needed it so much.

  • The Phantom says:

    Very good, this was very good, I kinda liked this episode. I’m Kinda liking this series too.