BTOOOM! #01 — Extremely Sturdy Controllers

September 30th, 2012


I didn’t think Japanese apartments were made out of paper.

Early webcast of the first two episodes. The actual broadcast doesn’t begin until Thursday, so that means no new episodes until the 18th.


It is simply impossible to take this show seriously. Everything is so overblown that it’s ridiculous. My god, he looks like he just ran across a mountain of mutilated bodies from stepping into a spider web. And the narration. Good god, the narration. Nothing can be shown that can’t be said often multiple times, stretching everything out fourteen times longer than it needs to be and absolutely murdering the ‘fight’ towards the end. He even narrates about how he has to press buttons. When he’s first attacked. "No way!?" –Cut to shot of guy running towards him– "No way!?!?" –Cut to shot of guy running towards him again– –Cut back to shot of him staring blankly for five more seconds– Granted, part of that was because there was obviously a CM break meant to be there, but that made the scene all the more ridiculous.

Production was middling to poor. They sure loved their CG and speedlines. That did trail off a little bit towards the end, but nothing about the ‘action’ scene was impressive at all and certainly not helped by him going "This is real!?" at least a dozen goddamned times. There’s little to like about Sakamoto, the angsty, eternally-shocked-by-everything twit with an inner monologue that never shuts up either. I guess since the second episode’s out too, I’ll glance through it to see if things improve, but this was a particularly dull start that left me with little more than a desire to see the lead character blown up just to shut him up.


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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Aroduc says:

    The latter.

  • algorithm says:

    So… What is this about actually?
    The title doesn’t give any clue nor does your review.

  • Rihan says:

    “Studry” Controllers?

  • Haoh says:

    Lol @sturdy controllers. Smash controller into wall, wall crumbles and controller survives. I want one of those :)

  • anise_punter says:

    “It is simply impossible to take this show seriously.”

    In a way this is what I was hoping for, oddly enough.

  • FREE-KLAC-ZING says:

    so watching this so this case of combine survivor + battle royale + mirai nikki + explosion bombs = btooom!

    give this focus on ryuta is top gamer on it give his mom concern of future yea really someone call therapy for them?

    one day on a island now survive now have fight bomb to make it all go tick tick boom to survive hey at least see blonde doobi female.

    oh well might as see how far it goes?