Yuruyuri #21 — Murdering Hairbuns

August 27th, 2012


That doesn’t seem very nice.

Reminder: From now on, No Sex Except For Centaurs’s new episodes air ‘tonight’ (primetime in Japan), which is at 1:00am my time, so in all likelihood, I’ll just deal with it in the morning instead.


Maaaan, show. You spend about 30 seconds stabbing pens and pencil’s into random girl’s hairbuns, tie a ribbon to them, and it’s all just for a "You hadn’t noticed!?" joke? Really? That was it? That was the big punchline? Sigh. Not a good way to kick things off, but by the end of the episode, it felt like they were scraping the bottom of the barrel pretty badly. Well, at least the first segment was relatively short, but then it moved on to more Chinatsu hiding in a closet and imagining ways to get out without looking like an idiot. I had my fill of her last week, thanks. What is it with Japanese people and their instincts to hide in the closet the moment they’re startled anyway?

Then it was more Chinatsu after the break too. Sigh. Sleepover with Red and a scary movie. Not even 5 seconds of Akane can do much to salvage that. The whole bit between Yui and Chinatsu over their respective crushes was also… not something I wish to see more of. That left the Oppai/Kyouko and Sakurako/Yui pairs to salvage the episode. They did not. Himawari monologuing does not rate highly on the comedy scale and Yui has about as much chemistry with Sakurako as she does with anybody, which is to say approximately none.


More baths.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery


    another week more chinatsu doing indeed poor akarin scared for life seeing chinatsu’s design.

    Sakurako is indeed another version TOSHINOU KYOUKO & yep chinatsu seen true “fear” of yuri aka yuri-cension of “her”.

  • Gorilla13 says:

    Yui is so fucking boring, just like that dude above me.

    • FREE-KLAC-ZING says:

      huh what did i ever do to you?

      besides like 9eps into season 2 wonder 3eps expect maybe get akarin’s meet your “end” aka akarin’s sister “attack”.

    • jingoi says:

      Dude above you is way better than dealing with yumekichi.

  • rufe says:

    The closet is safe because a certain robot from the future will protect you from anything if it comes to that.

  • jack says:

    The only people still watching this show are waiting for some flat out carpet munching festival…and it isn’t going to happen. The show is build on a hook that isn’t there. Like New Coke.