The Aesthetics of an Antihero #08 — Accurate Imagination

August 23rd, 2012


At least some of them seem to learn. Eventually.

No CG vines and centaurs tonight. Recap due to production woes. No Sex will be continuing on with the 8th episode on Monday night very late/Tuesday very early. At least it flattens out my schedule more… for a whole month.


Haruka’s schtick is getting pretty tired at this point. Sure, none of the XXs are particularly bright, but at least their imaginations are sharp enough to realize that Akatsuki’s invitation to take a bath will just end in him massaging them all to orgasm. How many more times are we going to have watch her be completely humiliated by him before she switches tack to some other tune? She could at least take the moral high ground. Sadly, it would seem that despite probably the half dozen declarations that she’d end things, the status quo between them will continue ad infinitum.

Anyway, ranking stuff more or less, even if almost the entire first half was eaten up by yet more set up and most of the second was just kind of sitting around with a break to daydream about being fingered by him. At least they did a not-completely-horrible job with Haruka/Akatsuki’s fight, brief and speedline-filled as it was. Then again, expectations for this show’s action sequences rank only a little bit above "10 seconds of stills," so just about anything is a pleasant surprise. At least they tried to use a giant pillar of rock AND fire to stop him this time as opposed to a small hole in the ground.


Dour men.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • shadow says:

    more of the boy super powerfull ? a penis in the brain
    and with it is powerfull

  • Shirokuma says:

    This week they had terrible french dub in Moyashimon.

  • kaon says:

    thanks you¡¡

  • Benigmatica says:

    I wonder if that new kid who came from the fantasy world has finally met Akatsuki’s match?

    Still, Akatsuki is one hell of an anti-hero… He should have defeated the student council!


    so now battle exam is on yea BOSS akatsuki as usual one big slash everyone get squash/jobber treatment.

    yea miu good grief outfit & size if keep why feeling same size of J-cup of asa made jugyou chu & BOSS think do a bath but miu goes NO!!!

    now student council go after BOSS akatsuki really go 3 on 1 yet almost til kaidou mention some “trouble” going on (aka cause back in other world emperor’s other world servant show-off his pwd’ some guard now enter BOSS akatsuki’s world).

  • jingoi says:

    Akatsuki shouldn’t be telling guys not to stare at Miu. The no names have 0 chance with her or any named girl unless it’s a doujin and they never would get away with 5% of the shit Akatsuki does to women.