That’s Why I Can’t Have Sex #08 — Vs More Generic CG

August 28th, 2012


The sad thing is that they have yet to not struggle against anything.


Boy, let me tell you. It is incredibly more unpleasant to watch this first thing in the morning than in the evening after I’m well-fed and have settled into my nest for an evening. Also, maybe it’s just the week and a half plus early morning haze, but what the hell was stupid doing on the ledge? I don’t remember her exactly being kept until lock and key, but that’s not quite the same as a ledge. So if we summarize her side of the story this week, she stepped out onto a ledge, fell off a few seconds later, and then this allowed her to admit that she liked the guy she follows around like a dog, unlocking her latent magical powers, at which point she disappeared from the episode again. Great.

Elsewhere, and wait for this surprise development, Lis ran into a room of generic CG monsters, and got immediately beaten by all of them. Then Ilya had a change of heart and came back, letting both of them immediately kill them all in one attack. Good god, is this show a slave to its formula. Its horrible horrible formula. Q and Idiot predictibly went nowhere beyond some heavy petting and licking. The magical maids’ healing tongues were more amusing, and those involved snake tongues/boiling saliva that healed wounds. That could’ve just been the porn music though instead of Idiot squirming in terror about cooties.


"Now I will sit in my hole."

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • alex says:

    as long he doesn’t do the encyclopedia shit I’m OK with it

  • algorithm says:

    So do we finally know why he can’t have sex?

    • jingoi says:

      Just like other crappy harem ecchi anime the MC is the 1st magical girl’s bitch, also not hentai but it’s not like they have to show the act just let us know it happened. They do it all the time with time skips and the MCs have a kid.

  • tendo says:

    i know it is not hentai but I would name it the worst hentai in history (since there is no sex)

  • Benigmatica says:

    At least he didn’t get laid on this episode…

    Of course, I doubt that he’ll have sex before this series ends.

  • FREE-KLAC-ZING says:

    so this ep been

    quele try to get into ryosuke’s “kingdom” but no cause bigger probs right now.

    lisara & iria sneak in til it’s a trap cause iria was following order cue whip of doom on lisara.

    ryosuke want to battle til smokin mom try to stop but ryosuke said enough pull a sword charge to battle save lisara & & mina yet cue also iria pull a rescue lisara cause she need her rival.

    & top it seem mina could be “main search” cause falling then glow to safety.

  • Neclord X says:

    So, the “total pervert” didnt fucked the willing hot girl, Ilya changed her mind and decided not to betray her “rival” and mc decided to ran to the rescue?

    What a twist! I would never expected that.

    Worst thing is that next week everyone Ilya will be already forgiven, even if she caused the pointless death of hundreds of unnamed unranked footsoldiers.