That’s Why I Can’t Have Sex #06 — Quick! Everybody Sit Around This Laptop!

August 9th, 2012


And that’s how we’ll spend the entire first half of the episode.


Well, now that I’ve already summarized the first ten minutes… Okay, fine. They also talked about exactly whose mom was a big ho-bag and picked up strangers out of the rain to do things involving ‘swords’ and the insertion thereinto. Such a compelling and unique sequence of events totally deserved an entre half of an episode to tell it. With all the characters centered around the most reflective laptop screen imagnable. Couldn’t they have at least done that in the bathtub? It’s not like Doofus was needed for any of it.

Then five more minutes of futzing around over feeeeeeeeelings before… and wait for this twist because it’s totally new and unique for this show… they fought a CG monster, lost, and then someone’s magical power suddenly exploded and killed it in one shot. I kid. They’ve done that before. The real twist was that the antagonist showed up after that to kidnap the useless one. I kid again. They’re all useless. The really annoying part was the metallic ring in the background for almost the entire last third of the epsode. That set my teeth on edge juuuuust a bit, so when Lis gasped in shock at the suggestion that they should go save her and the cliffhanger came up that they were… *gasp* running off to magic land, at least I could laugh, mostly in relief from the aural torture.



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  • El Mejicano says:

    This Show suck, you know it would be suck since first episode but you still blog, just be sincered and you just watch for the fanservice

    • jingoi says:

      I don’t know why he watches this (and others of equal suck) and blog it but if he didn’t then I would be watching it which may end with a brain tumor.

      • Shirokuma says:

        Dunno, last season there was mostly shows with some kind potential in one way or another that just ended as meh in every case, this time it’s crap from the get-go for everyone so it simply results in some painfully bland entries.

    • Fadeway says:

      Fess up Aroduc, this guy saw through you.

  • kagamihime says:

    In other words, thanks for watching this so we don’t (painfully) have to.

    • DK says:

      You have no idea how right you are when it also came to Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka of the Dead.

      That show is as Dead As A Doornail, literally!

  • Shirokuma says:

    Where’s Caesar? I want my dog fanservice.

  • roaring-KLAC says:

    this week ep

    a battle going on in another world til big boom slash happen.
    meanwhile everyone wonder how did ryosuke got a sword inside him?
    cue iria appear & tell her also about what happen.
    so after hmm time to comp-call on ryosuke’s mom.
    who explain about ryosuke’s dad & past seeing past seem deja vu?
    after mention almost fourth wall breaking til real story happen.
    cause one ryosuke’s dad put a sword to pregnant ryosuke’s mom?!
    ryosuke’s mom wonder was it a dream & a message.
    after all it ryosuke see his ero is powerful now with a sword to help all.
    also now quele want to get ryosuke with mina to help in.
    lisara still wonder then iria appear & mention ryosuke got 2 months left.
    next day iria still on wonder ask if her company is involve?
    ryosuke & lisara in battle then quele try to show to impress.
    but monster drain it all til ryosuke unleash gram sword to slay it.
    then out of nowhere mina got kidnap by Galderbroug.
    ryosuke now ask lisara go the grimworld to rescue mina.

    to be continued with next ep enter world of grimworld.

  • Benigmatica says:

    If that masked guy, who nabbed Mina-chan, happened to be Ryousuke’s long-lost father, I’ll be shitting bricks when it happens!

    Still, I wonder if Lisara’s mother can successful pop Ryousuke’s cherry next episode?


      IF that happen well like pull a swerve from no where?!

      give my guess could be

      1.member of rival family
      2.evil family member of lisara
      3.a woman (yea curveball idea)

      etc give hey i was so wacky idea on whole ryoko/fine reveal

  • Andmeuths says:

    This is the best episode of an otherwise retardely stupid series.

    Actually, axe that fanservice, correct that cringe worthy cliche dialogue, and this episode would have been on the way to half-way decent. At least, one hopes that the plot is going somewhere…

  • Jack says:

    I’m actually thankful that Aroduc is blogging this, but I admit, the show is dead nuts hideous…though I’m sure Aroduc is well aware of that factoid and doesn’t need a bunch of illiterate pikers like us to say so in the comments.

    The sitting around the laptop in this episode was hypnotically trashy. In some ways, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Sex” reminds me of the show “Ben-to”…though “Ben-to” didn’t really take itself seriously and, I suppose, that’s what puts “Ben-to” on par with “Evangelion” (minus the giant floating head).

    I did like that fact that his mom turned out to be a horny research skank turned on my rainy days and amnesiac men. I kind of like that bit of writing. So glib, so daring. That fact that every girl wants this idiot puts us right back to 1990’s Tenchi. So, once again, the anime industry banks on misogynistic cigar chomping.

    It’s painfully obvious how this show is going to end. You would have to have the IQ of a small soap dish not to have picked up on the foreshadowing. I’ll stick it out.

    For the nipples.