Oda Nobuna #08 — Filthy Mayonnaise

August 26th, 2012


Ugh. Disgusting.


Sakai this week, which in regards to Nobunaga is mainly known for A.) making weapons for him and B.) being burned to the ground by him. So they’ve got all bases covered. Although apparently this time around, they’re mostly just going to stand around and fellate Sakai for being ‘truly free.’ I guess they were also starting to set up Mitsuhide to go a bit ambition crazy, should they even reach the Incident at Honnouji but most of the first half was just really painfully dull rambling about the city. Come on, show. You can do better than that.

And then for the second half, we move on to a cooking battle between Saru and Mitsuhide where he invents mayonnaise about two hundred years after the fact and makes Japan obsessed with it, something that will haunt them to this day. Luis also shows up again to ramble aimlessly about God and wave her breasts around for a while. It was clearly meant to be ‘funny’ by the carnival music in the background, but, well… let’s just pretend like this didn’t exist. Trying to mix Mitsuhide’s jealousy into the big joke session also did absolutely no good to any part of that. You’d also think Saru would be a little more sensitive to this kind of thing, knowing that one is going to try to ambush and murder the other in the relatively near future.


Back to hitting things with swords and guns.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Gorilla13 says:

    This dude should go back and replay his games lol neglecting Mitsuhide like that only spells trouble in the future.

    • Aznonymous says:

      I can see it’s foreshadowing the event in Honnouji Castle.

    • moridin84 says:

      Yeah, it seems like he totally forgot about the Honnouji Castle.

      I guess he’s going to go “oops” next episode.