Magical Girl Mirakurun #18 — Balls To the Face

August 6th, 2012


…How does she get her hair all the way on opposite sides of that thing?

For the curious, Happy Bread’s first DVD came with a short special wherein the girls plus elf stripped each other and ran around barely dressed. Then when Rick ignored them, they left him to die. At least that’s how I choose to remember it.


Pretty good first third and not a bad second. The last third was a fairly underwhelming way to end things though. That manner of "Let’s sit around a table and all conveniently draw jokes the perfect jokes for ourselves" is juuuuuuuust a tad trite and machinated. It can work, and lord knows whenever the King Game gets hauled out, I get warm and fuzzy just thinking about Galaxy Angel’s version of it (among a few others as well), but that requires taking the jokes a lot further and actually taking jokes either way over the top or in ways other than the completely obvious, which this episode didn’t really bother to do. About the only difference between this and any of the previous times they sat in a circle and Kyouko went "You should do X", they drew things from a box, same reactions and all most of the time.

Back to the better parts though. The Mirakurun ‘episode’ was easily the high point, and not just because I spent much of it giggling about the plan to steal all the balls from the world (of no men) and then pelt Mirakuru/Chinatsu in the face with them. Repeatedly. And then ending by fondling a ball? How is that not supposed to be taken sexually? Oh, Kyouko. You and your fanwork. The Totally-Not-Comiket part wasn’t stellar, but it was still better than the show usually is. It could’ve used more vulgar Chinatsu magical girl traumatizing small children by sticking her rod where it doesn’t belong though. I was expecting a little more from the Ayano bits in it too, especially given how little of her there’s been this season. At least it keeps the annoying glasses stuff minimized usually too.


Crazy people.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • balls of KLAC says:

    75% of this ep total Mirakurun & lots of many balls (only missing are big balls of wipeout)

    chinatsu as Mirakurun yea now really scared a little girl & her mom for life & ayano get akarin treatment in this ep oh waiting for call til go all white.

    & what the chinatsu the vampire oh yikes oh box of doing random things idea of Toshinou Kyouko.

    next ep room of pic Toshinou Kyouko, sisters, & oh wait is that mari-chan?

  • Gorilla13 says:

    “…How does she get her hair all the way on opposite sides of that thing?”

    Her buns are detachable, did you even pay attention to her, like at all?

  • redpanther says:

    Can’t wait for Akane to show up.