Love, an Election, and Chocolate #05 — Feeding the Lizard

August 16th, 2012


A euphemism that works in all situations.


Yeesh. I usually have trouble enough remembering what happened last week in these shows that mostly faff about. Three weeks though… Oi. Anywho. And let me tell you, coming back and kicking things off with Mifuyu dumping out her past and then a baking montage was not the way to go. Well, I guess it actually started with another one of their play romance things, and then the terrible spewing and baking. I guess it was meant to be a Mifuyu episode, but the entirety of the first half was just a parade of other people running into the room for 30-45 seconds, mostly to hit on him.

The second half was on to the little festival thing, with the students showing a suspicious amount of enthusiasm for the election process, particularly for a convention involving slash fiction of the candidates along with the feeding of phallic things to them while teenage girls squeal… one of them dressed up like a magical girl. Now that’s one thing that could spruce up the American election. Try getting that image out of your mind. I do dislike that they teased Mifuyu taking their little plays seriously for a moment later in the episode, and especially right before Chisato’s little encouragement scene. Since it’s been three weeks, I feel fine saying that I still do like how they’re handling her relationship with him, but a lot the other little melodrama bits are still a bit off. It could stand to drop at least half of the balls they’re tossing into the air and then completely ignoring (Aomi being the worst offender in that regard, although there’s that whole car thing too).

In any case, two episodes today, so the ‘cliffhanger’ is silly. Onward ho.


Previews are silly this week.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Best part of both episodes was the teacher.

  • KLAC-cension says:

    can this get more what really sure madoka outfit were one thing only missing was that “you know what”

    but the yaoi enough really can’t take brain bleach it all now.

    sure having many girls for tomoya 2.0 really wonder end up?