Love, an Election, and Chocolate #08 — Closeups of Satsuki’s Breasts

August 30th, 2012


Not being very creative, eh Mr. Director Man?


You were not fooling anything with that start, show. Not a great episode, especially the Satsuki parts. Chisato’s teasing towards the end of the first half was probably the high point, although I really didn’t like the whole "I’ll always be there for you, but this isn’t love," thing or cutting right from chasing after her to post-bath drunk time. There are a number of ways they could go with handling their relationship in that direction and her brother’s death, but they haven’t really set up or done anything along those lines. Without any kind of even flimsy excuse for it given, it just feels incredibly machinated to milk out the maximum melodrama.

On the Satsuki/Hazuki front, Satsuki went past simply flashing him signals, falling back on the bed in invitation, infodumping about her sister issues, etc, to outright trying to kiss him before her sister popped up and spewed all over his face. I’m still having trouble buying romance between them, especially since all he seems to do is stare at her breasts compared to all the little moments between him and Chisato… or even Mifuyu. Hell, even Hazuki has had stronger scenes with him than Satsuki has, and it doesn’t really help that he has absolutely nothing to do with her family issues either and pretty much all of her stuff has just been someone sitting down and spewing out various things about her past in expositional dumps, and in this case, dealt with entirely in one long boring spew without anybody actually doing anything but sitting there and listening. I guess it could be worse. It could be Aomi or Michiru. Hazuki seems to be trying to push him pretty hard to make some kind of decision, which we all know is completely impossible for one of these protagonists.


Back to the election.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kobe says:

    When I was watching this, I was bored to death…

    Stop being dramatic aic! it doesn’t suit you! This aint noitamina!

  • Jerem says:

    Indeed this episode was boring. However, I feel it’s unfair to say that he had more meaningful scenes with the other girls. It’s just that instead of having a bland main character interact with a one-dimensional character, he interacted with a generic girl with a large chest.

    Given the option of pretending to be interested in her boring issues or looking at her bosom, I can understand his choice.

  • eternia says:

    Aroduc hates exposition, as always.
    How about an anime original route : Hazuki-sensei.
    Yes. Yes.

  • The Phantom says:

    Stop the obvious shipping whit chisato, that girl is boring as hell, I would love either the teacher, or satsuki.

  • Chipp12 says:

    Do you know that the original game has Michiru route too? Poor Michiru, she’s almost as important in this show as other furniture in their club room.

  • FREE-KLAC-ZING says:

    so um let see tomoya 2.0 play chess with satsuki til morning & here water gun mouth blast by drunk teacher.

    another day so scary doing with to showing a walking toilet are you serious bro oh chisato under it cue puppet h laughing at it.

    then tomoya 2.0 in middle of sisters Shinonome issues give reveal drunk teacher had same mom with satsuki but was raised by other mom.

    after some explain more reveal of Shinonome sisters finally make-up all fine.

    next ep back to election works (wonder is back plots works?)

  • eternia says:

    Michiru ends up as a kitten and moe relief only. Even though she’s one of the main heroine, she has real plot consisting of family issue as well.