Love, an Election, and Chocolate #07 — Goodnight Kiss

August 23rd, 2012


His convincingness as a male instead of some kind of motile potato took a few hits this week.


So they pretty much came out with the thing about Chisato and chocolate this week and it was kind of boringly plain. Killed by car crash while eating chocolate in the middle of the street, which doesn’t really make the night ritual of making Yuuki eat chocolate for her any less weird. Of course, this was followed right up by wandering into the bath naked with him. She couldn’t have been sending any bigger signals during that scene if she had landing signals running down her body to a giant neon sign saying "Enter here." Yuuki hasn’t been the sharpest tack, but his blitheness isn’t usually that annoying and it was pretty awful this week with both her and Satsuki.

The rest of the episode was pretty much just Yuuki wandering around and running into the girls in the night. Or being sexually harassed. You’d have thought they’d set the room assignments a little better. Terrible cliches and screaming women ensue. Yawn. At least Satsuki didn’t make the already terrible scene worse, although I’d swear on a stack of bills the size of her inflated chest that it grew at least another cup size during that scene. I’m also a little surprised that they didn’t have a close-up of her cleavage when she got in Yuuki’s face and then leaned over to give him the full view of the upgrade. Maybe they didn’t want to ruin the view for when she mounted him. She was flashing her own requests for breeding pretty hard as well, but if Doofus couldn’t pick up on Chisato’s, I’m not sure she had a chance.


Things to do alone in a room at night with a half-naked girl.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anon says:

    “She couldn’t have been sending any bigger signals during that scene if she had landing signals running down her body to a giant neon sign saying “Enter here”.”

    I am afraid you lost me, explain further.

  • Tesark says:

    See a guy casually walking down the halls, scream like he’s going to kill you, and tell people some pervert is out to get them. Then proceed to form a lynch mob to get him.

    That logic hurts me head….me not think so well now.

  • Nanaya says:

    Subtle imagery, this series. That last sexual asymptote character interaction almost seems subtle compared to the imagery in the rest of it.

  • The Phantom says:

    Made a bet with a friend about who he ends up with, my vote went to Satsuki but TBH, I believe he will end up alone.

  • KLAC-y says:

    this week now focus get more votes & relax time.

    give few some hmm give reason whole chisato’s history on chocolate of a person?

    argue among sisters of Shinonome give teacher sister is drunk.

    poor tomaya 2.0 yea that green trap is yikes.

    bring drunk teacher to female dorm well at least her sister save him from girl search mob.

    what next?

  • moridin84 says:

    “Maybe they didn’t want to ruin the view for when she mounted him.”
    I’m pretty sure that’s why.

    In regards to the Chisato thing, I’m 95% sure that he knows.

    A few episodes back Mifuyu said something about how she wants him and Chisato to “be happy” and he responded with “you mean you want Chisato to be happy”. And now you have this naked bath “why don’t you DO SOMETHING with me” thing.

    For some reason he simply doesn’t want to move on her. Considering all the girls around him, he could be just trying to keep is options open. Or it could be that he’s just not interested in her at all.

  • RaiKitsune says:

    I don’t think he wants a relationship like that with Chisato but I think the Student council chick fascinates and excites him, maybe even scares him a litte.


    or maybe give call flashback & mention of little kid that chisato know til not the truck.

  • icymirage says:

    Let’s see – takes off blazer to show tank top, sits on bed, flashes smiles. If that doesn’t scream shogi game, I don’t know what does.