Joshiraku #09 — Also Sprach Zarathustra

August 30th, 2012




Nothing particularly special or notable about this episode. Maybe I should copy/paste a previous post just to see if anybody notices. First segment was how to appeal with kids, ending with Red’ ass instead of candy and an unmarked van. I think that’s the fourth or fifth time I’ve heard Also Sprach Zarathustra this season. Was there some kind of 2001 re-release in Japan recently? Maybe starring all horses? That’d explain a lot. Travel segment was a trip to the zoo to look at naked mole rats and learn about the proper speciations of pandas. Part finale had them continually knocking Red out because her sleeptalking kept coming true. And… uh… that was about the extent of it. Random sentence. It happens. Knock her out again. Repeat as needed to fill seven minutes. ‘Hilarity.’


Amateur dentistry.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Jerem says:

    Have to say I actually enjoyed the last part of this episode. The sleeptalking things were kind of stupid, but the KOs to Red got continually more brutal…

    The crazy horror music and the length of the chloroform scene had me rolling.

  • Chen says:

    Random sentence.

    I wonder how much Aroduc actually comprehends. I mean, I’m no linguist, but dang if the puns are decipherable by non-native speakers. Noticing the various pronounced puns are one thing, but to get the meaning of them and thus to get the joke is another matter.