Joshiraku #07 — Referential

August 17th, 2012


Wasn’t there supposed to be a joke to go along with that?


Not one of the stronger episodes. And with a lot of random references, mostly stylistic just tossed in, particularly in the second and third parts. Back to the first though, beginning with Olympic stuff made me groan, but they eventually wandered off that to being ‘Yankees’… the Japanese definition, not the American or British. It still wasn’t a great segment regardless. The middle… eh… it was about the same as always. They went to a fish market and spent entirely too long discussing fish kanji and their own names. And… uh…  yeah. For part finale, we have horrible CG fans and how they kill Koreans the wonders of electricity. The number of times they showed that terrible fan almost makes one thing that the sequence was made just for that purpose.  I’m sure many of those stylistic references would be something to someone more worldly than me. I have a hard time thinking they’d be funny though. When you’re just tossing up Kuso Miso and hoping it sticks, you’re not exactly aiming particularly high.



Pink elephant.

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