Joshiraku #05 — Goosebumps

August 3rd, 2012


My titling creativity is thin around lunchtime.


As feels typical, only about one segment was decent. The middle outdoors part was a bit better than usual. It was also quite a bit more spastic than usual, just kind of bouncing around between crepes, tongue twisters, etc. That probably actually helped it though. If you can’t be funny, may as well change the topic often. The first bit centering mostly around Christmas bad puns delivered terribly was… yeah. The puns weren’t bad enough nor was the delivery good enough. The final part started about what kind of skin they have which went a few strange places, including but not limited to assorted goosebumps stuff, ‘tatooing’ Red’s back to make her fit her skin type better, and a sentai parody commercial for skin cream… Which is really not all that different from usual Japanese commercials, I guess. But for this show, weird is better.


Mary Kart.

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