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August 8th, 2012


I’m fairly sure that Dragon Quest game exists.

What the hell do I pay you people for if not to notify me when OVAs to mediocre shows appear when I’m not paying attention? Also of note for the upcoming Comiket, Edelweiss took it upon themselves to not only probably have the best looking ‘game’ for it, but toss up 75 minutes worth of promos for other people’s stuff. Almost makes up for that whole Freesia debacle. And reminder, LoveChoco’s off again tomorrow. It’s back next Thursday with two episodes.


This one began with a Mario Kart DS game that had one of the mad scientists screaming "SON OF A BITCH" when he lost. That alone made this episode better than… well, to be honest, most of the entire second season and very nearly made up for the tortuous OP it just put me through. Ow, my ears. It’s hard to believe if the rest of this part were supposed to be parodies of those awful impossible-to-play Mario hacks or things like Owataman/Syobon Action, but given the show’s general obliviousness, I’m going to err on it being just a happy accident that they’re similar, especially since it began with a console that was so indestructable they couldn’t even turn it on.

Unfortunately, the other two parts weren’t nearly as good. The middle part was Chizuru’s quest for personal normalcy and was only really notable for how out of character she was through it and how suspiciously well-animated it was, especially towards the end. It wasn’t horrible by any stretch, and probably would be on the upper tier for how segments of the show normally rank, but after all the over-the-top video gamestuff, it was a few steps down. The final part continued the decline back to the show’s usual low-to-average level by being utterly mundane and about 95% internal monologue. Yes, yes. She wants to be fed and has some inane plan involving hiding and commenting on how things aren’t going as planned. For eight straight minutes. Hilarious. Go back to the video game parodies.

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