Dog Days #20 — Nasally

August 18th, 2012


Ow. My ears.

Horizon’s back on Saturdays now with a two episode MBS broadcast… pushed back half an hour plus another half an hour to get to the actual new episode so… yeah. It doesn’t even finish airing until noon my time. It’ll be a while.


This week, the newbies drag the d’Arquiens off to go spelunking and come across floods and floods and floods of CG ‘mice’ (which change from spherical balls to sphericaller balls when defeated…) that somehow turn them younger which means that everybody begins speaking through their noses in an attempt to sound cutesy. Well, except Shinku and Gaul, who just turn into gay fantasy bait when blasted by a four-armed giant rat. Now there’s a sentence I hope to never write again. Thank god Coux didn’t get de-aged. That would’ve been even more painful than she normally is.

Mostly, it was just really painfully gimmicky and I’m still not entirely sure why these new characters even exist. As usual, they’re doing a passable job with the action at least. Or at least better than the other shows in the week before it. And of course, when they’re restored to their normal ages at the end, they all explode out of their clothes. I still hadn’t quite figured out why they had a change of clothes for their younger versions in the first place. Or the whole rats into a giant rat into a giant rat ball thing either.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • moridin84 says:

    They didn’t have a chance of clothes, the blonde ninja made some smaller clothes from them using ninjutsu, or so she said. I don’t see how you make make clothes with ninjutsu though.

    The characters were added because they apparently have no idea how to make the show interesting with the existing characters. Rather disappointing.

  • longhaul says:

    the design of that dragon thing was a clusterfuck

  • Cytl says:

    I thought this new characters were supposed to be all “flashy” and “cool” but instead they keep giving focus to the young cast, using them as plot-devices for that.

  • universalperson says:

    Well I thought it was funny.

  • KLAC-cension says:

    just another day as usual give whole small little mice sure make you kiddie form but sink & gaul as older version?!

    yea move along to next ep.

  • Mia Akira says:

    “Well, except Shinku and Gaul, who just turn into gay fantasy bait when blasted by a four-armed giant rat.” —-> Hahahahahaha!