Dog Days #19 — Wherein A Character Aware of Vaginas Appears

August 11th, 2012


Nano desu.

Reminder, MBS is skipping Horizon’s broadcast today and will be airing two episodes next week to catch up. TMX is broadcasting the episode tomorrow (at 6:30 am my time…), so I’ll just get to it tomorrow morning once I’m awake enough to be able to parse through its usual walls of convoluted nonsense. Or just doze through those parts as usual.


Good work, heroes. As soon as you’re put in front of any kind of obelisk or seal containing a ‘demon lord’, the first thing you have to do is start prodding at it until you’ve set them free. They didn’t even try to make up any excuse or the like, just began literally poking at it. Although I’m not sure if I’m relieved or annoyed that after he popped out and immediately took out Squirrelface and Sir Pets A Lot, he just spent the rest of the episode sexually harassing the cast. …Until his annoying woman showed up to bludgeon him with a comically oversized mace. And this is after Nanami and Becky already gave him the Team Rocket treatment. So yes, between the attempt at the serious introduction, quick change to corny pervert, and then… that, as usual, understanding what the writers were thinking is probably an exercise in futility. 

At least they continue to do a passable job with the action, certainly moreso than the Thursday/Fridays shows, although if they had strung it all together instead of random fits here and there, it would’ve had a lot more impact. Putting effort into your terrible Team Rocket joke… pained me. I’m not sure what to make of them showing that the princesses have been using the heroes to groom themselves either. If anime has taught me anything, tails are erogenous zones, and there’s only so many ways one can take a naked oil massage. Or where that whole random bit with Milhi’s ribbon came from in the middle. I guess it was mainly an excuse to crawl into bed to be petted in the middle of the night with tail all awagging.

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16 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    a dark schneider expy?

  • Anonymous says:

    If Dog Days had been an eroge, this season 2 would be the fandisk.

  • universalperson says:

    No, I understand what the writers were thinking. They wanted to parody the sealed demon and hero fantasy cliche by making the demon a pervert and the sealed hero A GODDAMNED MAGICAL GIRL.

    Really, part for the course in a series where the princess is an idol singer.

  • Jack says:

    Even if you hate this series or kick puppies in your off hours, this is still a really cute screen cap:

  • jingoi says:

    Really hate it when other girls prevent the males from seeing any other girl nude even if she allows the guys to see.

  • tachi says:

    when are you going to blog persona 4 arena

  • YES-KLAC says:

    oh boy indeed can this more WHAT?!

    sure let squirrel-girl bring sink to the hero monument & you free a demon king?!

    cause of it demon king also a pervert yea beat him up a lot sure like almost yikes then ta-da saved by legendary Hero King that is a woman!!!

    female with gun, sword, & big giant spike ball to smack pervy demon king.

    & now can’t go back now move to squirrel kingdom.

    what next & even more huh why series still yet been license or dub?

  • Rednal says:

    The Squirrel is clearly what we refer to as “Too Dumb To Live”.

    But this episode made me laugh, so I don’t care. XD

  • Neclord X says:

    If there is something this anime does NOT need is more characters. Because more characters means less screentime to everyone

  • anise_punter says:

    Wow, a show about Adel and Calvados would have been a lot more entertaining than what they’ve actually done.

  • marvelous stan says:

    I had somehow assumed they were going to summon people more serious than them, not less.

    Basically characters from a merely silly show pulling in some people from a straight-up gag comedy and… nothing of note happened?

    I have to admit I laughed at the screens of Valerie getting owned by Nanami. Unlike most of the hits people take in this show that boomerang to the face and staff to the solar plexus actually looked painful. I guess demon lords don’t get the protection of the gods. Though the protection of being a physical comedy character is probably even greater.