Campione! #08 — Return of Horse Power

August 24th, 2012


But this time… it’s evil.


Whenever an episode begins with about 30 seconds of shots of sexual organs, you know you’re in for a ‘treat.’ Thankfully, that was apparently just a way to pad out the episode an extra eight minutes. I guess Godou should be complimented for at least being slightly proactive in his attempts to flee from having sex. Usually protagonists just cower in fear of the aroused female, not take off at a dead run the moment their handcuffs are released. I guess that’s what separates him from a rutabaga. The real curiosity from the first segment was the censoring in the hot springs. Usually that’s on the broadcasters, not the studios, but being that this airs on AT-X who has proudly and happily shown nuns masturbating without any shame whatsoever…

The rest of the episode has Salvatore releasing some seal because why not, and then Athena and Perseus having it out over whose mythological background has been violated the most by this show’s writing. Lily was also begging to have Godou’s tongue jammed down her throat. Because if there’s anything that should follow up gods about to fight, it’s music box background music and terrible harem ‘comedy.’ I also question Godou’s battle plan. Summon giant pig, have it jump into the air, tackle demigod and throw him off it, hope giant pig doesn’t go berserk and that the guy who arrived on a flying horse no longer has a flying horse. It seems like any other use of the giant pig would have been at least ten times more effective than that.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kadi says:

    This episode does right what was abysmal about episode 2: It cruises along and doesn’t bother with the small stuff. But they overdid it and now it’s an incoherent mess that’s even worse, also due to a few… amendments. Amendments that sometimes break more than they fix. Victims include the not-so-thrown pig…

  • RaiKitsune says:

    The pacing of this show continues to be terribly erratic.

  • arknoir says:

    Godou or Marshall bravestarr?

  • Nazarielle says:

    “take off at a dead run the moment their handcuffs are released”

    Easily the best comedy moment this show has had.