Campione! #07 — Environmental Irregularities

August 17th, 2012


How very Freudian.

Joshiraku’ll probably be a little late today. Broadcast is pushed back half an hour from its already late time and I have stuff I need to do around then.


My first thought as this episode began was "Why the hell are they on a helicopter pad on top of a building? Also, how bloody large is this building?" Seriously. I’m about 90% certain that last episode ended in the middle of a park. Or maybe a school’s track. That building could’ve had a football stadium built on top of it. I’m also a little curious how they managed to remain perfectly dry in the pouring rain. And where Mr. Werewolf went for the first 8 minutes. Wasn’t he hot on their tails and hunting them?

Setting aside all the small enivornmental curiosities, it was a decent episode. The budget could have been better budgeted and very few fights that ends with "oh, whatever, time to faff off home" are satisfactory. It was also a bit disappointing for the fight between Lily and Erica to just end with teasing. If they were going to put effort into a fight, it should’ve been the later stuff between Godou and wolfboy, not for something that was going to turn into a gag. And Mariya remains terrible, right up through the reverse Sekirei’ing. Don’t think that the shot of him with the sword going nuts jutting out from his waist while she kissed him went unnoticed either.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Wilfriback says:

    The location issues is due to both Erica and Lily jumping trough leap magic. Of course you gotta have to repeat the scene to get it.

    Well, the fight was fairly good. I wonder if they will adapt the next story or the chronological one?

    • tylon says:

      With a lvl. 99 Big Bad Wolf in the school compound, any student should be smart enough to get of there…
      Furthermore, it will exceed their budget by factoring the rain effect. Thus, that area will be perfectly dry.

      A beach scene… This looks like the start of Volume 4. Which means … Athena chan will be back.
      The subtitle of next episode is referring to that Hero. Sigh. That SOB…

  • Kadi says:

    You notice that may well have been the most positive review you’ve given this series, ever? I’m kind of looking forward to this episode now…

  • Rednal says:

    That’s more-or-less the relationship that Erica and Lili have. XD Though I think it was done better in the novels.

    The Sword remains as awkward to animate as ever, but… I do think they’re doing the best they can, considering budget and that his power really *is* talking the enemy’s power out of them. On the bright side, the author hardly relies on that power alone, so we should get more than just the Sword in the future.

  • Burnout says:

    Oh man, they had to kiss him to make his sword bigger and bigger this episode.

  • moridin84 says:

    The narrator reminds of the narrator of Yakitate Japan for some reason.

    • tendo says:

      To me. It reminds of Kaiji because it is the same guy that speaks/narrates in that series or it is his clone because they have the same voice.

  • The Phantom says:

    lame plot but is fun to watch, unlike most of what is airing atm.