Yuruyuri #17 — The Ramblings of Akari

July 30th, 2012


How did that segment make it out of the writer’s room?


Wow. The rare introductory miss. And then teasing that Whose-Her-Face’s sister is going to be in the episode with the opening eyecatch without her actually showing up? You disappoint me severely, Yuruyuri. The first third was fairly dull too. Kyouko wandered from house to house to escape the summer heat because she didn’t have batteries for the AC remote. And… uh… We got a rare look at another member of Kyouko’s family? All the usual things ensued. Whose-Her-Face vs the cicada was probably the ‘high’ point. The next chunk passed through being lame and was instead just plain bad. I was expecting a lot more… or anything… from the drawn-out joke about missing the train, but it just kind of kept going on and on until it ended with nothing… Then turned into her taking pictures of herself for entirely too long before rambling about coffee and just rambling in general. Yeah, that middle part was… how to say… a giant spew of words without even any attempts at wit. Or effort from the animators.

That leaves the final bits to save the episode and it made a valiant effort at the start with a sick Yui dreaming about them being in Dragon Quest and that one puzzle game Japan is obsessed with whose name I can never remember. I wouldn’t have minded more of that instead of Kyouko showing up in a dog mask to sleep over and/or play games just offscreen. Having apparently exhausted that, it was over to Himawari’s sister harassing Sakurako about her breasts and then go stalk Akari just for something to do. Because apparently we didn’t have enough of watching Akari do nothing, we now need to watch other people watch Akari do nothing. At least Sakurako tried to make things more interesting. More than I can say for Himawari.


Magical girls and conventions.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Adam says:

    Puyori~n Fever


    this week

    yui doing the akarin saying with mask.

    Toshinou Kyouko getting burn cause of heat so find any cold air con with search of battery of til got wrong battery.

    akari miss train random doing & message update still miss another train oh mention of wanting to water slide with “her” only when voice is spoken.

    yui get cold with rpg game with invisible akarin is very effective & many heads of Toshinou Kyouko cue her with dog mask & food game time.

    himawari-sakurako part oh with Himawari’s younger sister back again want help sakurako & poor akari again from being run from those piegon attack blame it on sakurako.

  • Gorilla13 says:

    ^ Hi, thnx for the summary. It was fucking insightful! =)

  • anise_punter says:

    show is only good when bad things are happening to whatshername, red one

  • redpanther says:

    Overall I think this episode was well above average.
    Be easy, man.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    It’s only funny if what’s her face gets somethign vad happening. What was her name, Kyouko or something? That blonde-hair bimbo? Yeah, her. Hate her.

    Akari getting abused at the end, on the other hand…wasn’t funny. At all.

    This episode flat-out was one big suck-fest.