Yuruyuri #16 — Alternate Uses For Dangos

July 23rd, 2012


I don’t think appeasing the Japanese rain gods is one of them.


Poor Mecharin. We hardly knew her. And as usual that was easily the high point of the first half. Ayano can occasionally be amusing paired with Kyouko, but pretty much always comes with certain unwanted baggage, and this time was no real exception. Her stuff with Sakurako was slightly better but still not particularly funny. The meido (underworld) maid almost made me chuckle with just how terrible that pun was, but that was about as good as the humor got. Ayano had the seasonal sniffles and… uh… had to borrow some tissues from Kyouko and then… uh… had a little squabble with Sakurako? It was not a memorable half.

The second half wasn’t a whole lot better. I have no idea what the entirely-too-long flashback about Nishigaki’s mechanical dog ‘dying’ was for, and leading up to the punchline of "Just kidding" just made it even worse. At this point, they decided to just dump all those characters (somewhat thankfully) and go play Kyouko’s personal boardgame for not even one entire turn before it was on to talking about Yui’s return present for Valentines. I guess it was a fairly spastic episode all around, but not in the good way. Just in that they couldn’t seem to stay on the same topic for more than two minutes. Except when it was time for long painfully dumb flashbacks.


Sleep attacks.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anise_Punter says:

    A Mecha~rin show would be way better than this, and I generally hate mech shows. Oh god, this is going to inspire someone to make a robo-moe-blob show isn’t it? (please be madhouse)

  • redpanther says:

    As I said before….
    Go away you good for nothing sensei!Really hate this bitc…


    another akarin part turned mecharin bit yea indeed within invisible ray for akarin & run boom!!!

    sneezing ayano so much lead to darth ayano wonder how will sound saying TOSHINOU KYOUKO in mask & poor akarin again.

    student council part do clean give Ohmuro being Ohmuro & want pudding give ayano best try give was sorta save but pudding goes to TOSHINOU KYOUKO but hey got rum raisen.

    boom inventor & her little so quite pres appear cause student council want clock to from flying clock or robo-dog clock & mention story choco robo-dog all of it til was blam & poor ayano cause Ohmuro got rum raisen & real truth is wires + light blub + plugs spots = BOOM (don’t try it at home) rest it done.

    finally rain give complain akarin’s rain ball not working so board game then mention what chinatsu wants to gloves then walk out with umbrella til rain splash give akarin all safe (due to being invisible effect).