Who is “Imouto?” #01 — Magical Cars

July 5th, 2012


I couldn’t resist using that ridiculous Engrish title. Or wondering what exactly happened when that truck hit her.


Wow, was this surprisingly boring. I was hoping for it to be truly godawful given the premise, but it didn’t even succeed at that until about 13 minutes in where MC and his woman began awkwardly fumbling over how to address each other, then she decided to rub his scar with her forehead. Foreplay over, she tried to jam her tongue into his mouth, which traumatized him so much that he screamed and recoiled, but luckily, there was a girl hiding in a tree nearby who attacked them, and all other rutting female chased away, tried to get him to kiss her. Afterwards, he went home, got a toy mecha in the mail, and got sucked into a flashback about watching TV. Thank god for that. The soporific piano and/or utter lack of BGM had nearly put me back to sleep again.

Let’s see what the good parts are then… The T&A is pretty low key until the leader of the pack began rubbing herself in the bath soon followed by him imagining the main cast of the show naked… some of which he had only seen once at a distance. What a convenient imagination. It instead just tries to pander with the herd of ovulating females all fawning over him immediately within 5 seconds of meeting him (or sooner!), which is more or less par for the course. It’s not horribly made either, although the direction and music are both fairly awful. Yes, yes. The shot from his PoV looking down at the girl while she cloyingly looks up with her shoulders back and barely restrained wet desire in her eyes. I get it. Find a new shot.

So bleh. I think I’d prefer it if it were worse. A lot worse. This doesn’t have the balls to revel in its terrible premise, the energy to make things funny (or even try most of the time), or characters who have done anything besides drool over the exceedingly bland main character’s dick scar. Pick up the pace here, get a lot worse, or (far more unlikely) get a lot better, because most of this episode, especially the first half, was a whole heaping load of nothing.


Tiniest preview ever.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kefit says:

    I was surprised by how generally low key and non-blatant this was. I found it kind of pleasant, if partially because it takes itself a bit too seriously. It’s certainly better than utterly soporific stuff like Mashiroiro Symphony. Protag and Ishihara Girl scenes were nice and non-forced too.

    I’ll watch more, though I won’t be surprised if it crashes and burns.

  • Nanaya says:

    Wow, 6 commas in one sentence. That has to be in the top rankings here.

  • Totali says:

    “Hey….I know we just met but……let’s make out!!!”

    “Oka-! …Oh crap, who is imouto??”

    • Nanaya says:

      You know something may be wrong with you as a person when you see that scenario and your first thought of what you would do in that situation is “Time to have a sit-down and break out the Punnett Squares!!”


    hmm well seeing this ep ok might hang around to watch it.

    so we got a guy who dad just kick the bucket now later inherit a fortune give scar cant’ remember some past & oh he have a sister?!

    ok then seen 5 girls mention hmm to wonder sure wild guessing unless take maury’s dna test to see you are the sister or you are not the sister?

    well ok then see how it goes.

  • The Phantom says:

    And the award to the most contrived settings goes to…

    Well this was a horrible mix of some of the worst cliches anime has ever had: amnesia, wincest, teen living alone, parent suddenly dead, transferred to another school, childhood promise etc etc etc.

    However it was so bad that at some point the trainwreck became absolutely hilarious, (the girl at the bathroom for example, or the sudden almost-kiss) for now I’ll keep watching it.

  • Average Gokumi Fan says:

    Well, I successfully masturbated to this episode, and as far as I’m concerned that makes it a success.