The Aesthetics of an Antihero #01 — Licking Elves and Maids

July 5th, 2012


Why would you leave that world?

Coming to you live from free slow airport wireless. We’ll see if the other AT-X softcore porn thingy makes it before I have to board.


They nailed the start, unfortunately, I think that’s also about where they ran out of the budget… in that first initial wave of laser arrows. I’ve seen worse today, but it definitely could’ve used a lot more in the animation department, especially during the middle info dumb nonsense. The music was also dead on at the start but got progressively worse as the episode went. Akatsuki is thankfully a pretty fun character. Have I mentioned that I like confident leads yet? Him teasing the maid army at the start as well as teasing Myu throughout the episode about calling him her brother was amusing. Myu turned out a little more standable than I expected, being of the tomboy archetype. She gets along with him surprisingly well too for being carted around in a bag for most of the start of the episode.

Unfortunately though, as I mentioned, the budget was pretty lacking. They really should’ve been cutting loose at either the start or the end to actually sell the stuff they were spewing. All we got instead were kind of some generic lasers and lightning with almost twice as much explanation per attack. Bleh. The setting and plot this week were pretty dull too. I’d much rather have seen Akatsuki continue flirting with his elf girlfriend than… well… pretty much all of the Babel stuff… and the latter stuff was half the episode. Especially when Whitey showed up so they could have their manly glare-off. Again, more time spent primping and preening than actually hitting things. And this is the first episode where it’s supposed to be hooking its audience. It doesn’t have to do much more than have characters that are superficially cool and have them hit things. Instead, we had the thrilling test of punching an ice column… after three or four minutes of a pissing contest.

So I’m satisfied for now. I still wouldn’t put it much, if any, above a popcorn show that doesn’t have anywhere near the budget that it should and the ‘fights’ if you can even call them that, were disappointing as all get out, but they kept the T&A pretty restrained to just Akatsuki flirting, and like I’ve said, I like protagonists like him. I’ve watched (and am probably about to watch) far worse evening shows.



Harassing lesbians.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • TOP2NE1 says:

    This is the guy who punched a nun in the vagina right? Because if the show reaches anywhere near that level of campiness I’ll have to tune in.

    • Yue says:

      Totally Absurd! When did that happen!? I want to watch it. ^^;

      • Dynellen says:

        It was in the show’s preview video. He beat a bunch of girls from Queen’s blade.

        • KLAC_OF_PERSONALITY says:

          yea ONORE Akatsuki Ousawa aka Okamoto Nobuhiko!!!

          pwn’d all the woman of qb’s rebel & do we like to woman ONORE him we going get ya sucka!!!

          if would face all of them in full power who knows give really DECADE of this show.

  • Loremaster says:

    He went all Johny Cage on that Nun, truly one of Raidens disciples!


    wow yea indeed only words on it YES YES YES & feel saying ONORE DECADE on this feeling vibe on it.

    so main guy bit like a Just a “maverick hero” passing through, remember that! that pwn’d all maid corps by taking their undies then enter gate to return home.
    but the bag carry got a girl wearing nothing!!!
    cause people travel to alternate world who later to real world keep their powers from other world.
    so main guy have girl pretend be sister all check then enter a test.
    with other hmm on main guy’s “powers” & “supreme king” so send guy with ice power council member (if he sparkle same voice as Edward Cullen in japanese twilight dub)
    main guy pwn’d ice to shatter all good big meal & remind protect the girl.

    so yea main guy really bit remind of DECADE yet so MANLY bit perv as well ok then wonder what next?

  • GF202020 says:

    …so..why was that girl in a bag to start out with?

  • Kadi says:

    And in this scene we’ve scene the only useful thing Myu ever does for the first arc. Now, on to deconstructing the genius-level talent we are informed she has!

    Well, I was positively surprised they didn’t infodump how Akatsuki’s powers or magic combat work and just said “used dummy barrier”… leading to one of the countless plotholes, but who cares about those anyway.

  • coldcompress says:

    Are you sure they’re elves? I dont see the pointy ears