That’s Why I Can’t Have Sex #03 — Jiggly

July 19th, 2012


There was more jiggle after one attack than there were attacks in the entire episode. In case you forgot that breasts existed.


And this incredibly intelligent episode begins with about three straight minutes of arguing with a lesbian (who they apparently didn’t know where to stop the character designed because she has one eye glowing bright red and one bright blue) over breast sizes and then the character who literally has no brain or personality whatsoever having her house taken over by Whose-Her-Face, along with the whole contract nonsense too with flashbacks to explain it. They didn’t even have the good graces to sexualize jabbing a sword straight into the Saltine’s chest. Then it turns out that… SURPRISE, the idol they were all drooling over is another one of these useless fanservice interdimensional thingies instead of just being a regular useless fanservice thingy.

The second half almost seemed like it was improving since it began with her transforming… for about a minute, which was followed by more exposition, recycled footage, and such declarations as "She’s one of them too!?" Then when the first attack finally happened, there were I think four different shots of her boobs bouncing plus at least three pans, and five or six more closeups of her cleavage before the second attack giving way to more taunting and screaming about his sex power. Worst cheerleader ever. Yada yada, shoot lightning for the third time in a row (what interesting action!) and then maintain it for as long as he needed to give his entire moronic speech before the deus ex nonsense kicks in and it’s OHKO time. Thrilling. Who needs direction or choreography in your fights when you can have speeches. That go on for minutes. While being electrocuted.


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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • shadow says:

    It is a fight ?

  • shadow says:

    is as sekirei, many fanservice and bad fights.


      but this is NOT sekirei indeed compare it to DxD 2.0 series.

      got wonder this series take place in same world of DxD or wait for crossover project on it?


    so this ep

    ok search continue for rare person so mina got idea of a rare person.
    cross eyes female who see real size of bust so challenge made to see if person named iria’s real bust size is legit or hmm.
    meanwhile mina meet quele yea now took the deal now quele got mina power.
    time to meet iria give ta-da lisara know her & yea iria is a shinigami too.
    ryosuke going WHY? give expect iria got whole buxom is better & same voice as Kurumu?!
    lisara vs iria give quele spill some bean cue iria doing Kurumu doing on ryosuke.
    look lisara almost burned til ryosuke til rescue said take my powers.
    which lisara did with pwn’d iria.
    after fight seem some person hmm watching all this.

    next ep oh it’s on iria trying to bag ryosuke.

  • tachi says:

    hrrmm, breasts

  • The Phantom says:

    This show is quickly falling from grace, I doubt that there will be a episode from now on where Shana does not get beated/naked, her dress teared enough to show her tits, just to 10 seconds later be powered up by porn power and then finish the battle in 1 hit.

  • Shirokuma says:

    Where’s Caesar?