That’s Why I Can’t Have Sex #02 — Sister Act

July 12th, 2012


See ya, budget. We hardly knew you.


Yawn. The second episode budget woes hit this episode hard, and that was the only real thing that the show had going for it. Spending the entire first half of the episode on random throwaway side males was bad enough. At what point in any show ever have the ‘wacky’ male friends ever done anything of value or interest? In fact, it’s a miracle if they ever manage to be not-annoying. And this is not a good enough show for them to be that high up on the food chain. And then we have the master plan afterwards. I’m not sure what it was. Trap her in the ice bindings and then… she just stood in the background and waited for her to be freed. She’s just literally standing there as they struggle and finally get her free.

Anyway, 15 minutes in, something of note finally happens and they transform, at which point we’re treated to Imbecile talking about how they transformed and are now showing skin. In face you were watching this in Braille, I guess. And as you might assume from the lack of budget comment earlier, there were a total of two actual attacks and one grope (along with flashback to explain the grope in the middle of the grope) followed by a flashback to the grope about 30 seconds later too before the final ‘attack’ of both throwing energy at each other, fade to white, and battle over. Now that’s exciting!

And then the ED features fields and fields of pubic hair. Well, at least I’m in a perfect mood to appreciate whatever Arms is going to put out for its second episode. Hopefully. …And whenever it deigns to join the internet.


Trying less and less.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    The series should be prefaced with “I Am a Protagonist:” to make more logical sense.

  • RaiKitsune says:

    +100 internets to Nanaya for that amazing comment.

  • Shirokuma says:

    There’s a dog, the dog is a german sheperd, his name is Caesar, that’s the one thing I can remember from the show.

    Go Caesar, make this show shine.


    so let see ryosuke need find special person to save his ero life?

    ok then & oh lisara move in go to school search from strange stuff still no found.

    then here her cousin yea seem found but IT A TRAP cause cousin want get special person cue fight & ryosuke to the ero-rescue with cousin fall back.

    all well but now cat out of the bag with childhood friend now in the loop too wonder what next?