That’s Why I Can’t Have Breasts #04 — Slimes Defeated

July 26th, 2012


But were they parasites or symbiotes?

I have no idea why this took so long to pop. I blame the Olympics..


Since this was so late, for a time, I was considering writing up a generic template of "New girl shows up. Surprise! She’s another reaper! Then they fight. Lis loses. Doofus shows up to give some awful speech and grope her and she wins." Lo and behold, that’s more or less what happened here, only it was back to the first episode bit of using some horrible CG monster and in the end, the only thing besides it that they slayed were Ilya’s breasts. It actually explains so much, like how and why they could move when she wasn’t, or why her turning horizontally made them bounce up and down. Also, only apparently Lis’s breasts rubbed against his crotch would work because… Good lord, I do not even care any more. This makes me long for the other AT-X show’s deep and complex writing.

And… the rest of the time was filled with the shocking development (at least to the characters in this show) that Ilya was transferring to the school and then she proceeded to shove Idiot’s hand into her breasts and try to appeal to his fetish for bloomers and school athletic wear. Well, that and show numerous flashbacks and recycled footage. feel is already struggling to find the budget for their… CG blob monsters I guess. She also spat out some extra exposition. I like saying that of course there’s no reason to believe the obviously semi-evil vampire creature, but even Japanese antagonists seem to be allergic to lying about anything.


That seems inconvenient to use.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • florent says:

    what is the name of this anime?

  • Nanaya says:

    Wait, what is she doing to him in screens 67-71? Because that sure as hell doesn’t look like anything you mentioned.

    …You know what, nevermind. I don’t want any further insight into what’s going on in the writers’ mind.

  • jingoi says:

    What is Japan’s obsession with girls like Lisara?

  • KLAC-school-DxD says:

    this week ep

    iria now going same school with ryosuke & lisara yea also search for rare person.
    during which iria using her Kurumu skills to get ryosuke.
    then lisara seem might found then monster attack.
    look like yikes til ryosuke to the rescue yet he more powerful when it come to lisara warmness.
    cause of he over 9000 & enter the kingdom of ryosuke!!!
    boom goes the monster & of iria has been have fake cup wearer & different accent.
    yet ryosuke still like cause it all soft warmness.
    back to search it was just ryosuke being leader of perv.

    next ep seem tasty till oh no hanging choke ryosuke?!

  • Jack says:

    The nipples in this show are getting out of hand.