TARI TARI #01 — Steamy Naked Boys

July 1st, 2012


The disturbing part is how she grins about it.


Can I just cut and paste from any of the other PA Works shows? No, that’d probably be unfair to them. They were generally more focused and I had a better idea what they were doing. This one’s more all over the place. I’m sure with all the musical notes around the title, Spunky Spice being in about 3/4s of the scenes, and how the biggest melodrama affair was through the choir thingy, that’s probably where the focus is going to lie, but it got a little wrapped up for the first half in trying to introduce a herd of characters, most of which proceeded to immediately disappear again, only to be seen at random points having little to nothing to do with ‘events’ in progress. It did get more focused as it went, but even events in progress were mostly "Let’s have fun!" "No, I’m having the world’s dampest period. Teenage girl problems! Leave me alone!" And you know how I love when things begin with outbursts of teenage angst.

As is standard for PA Works shows, it looks pretty good. Not as good as usual though. The CG people didn’t help matters and we’ve already had perhaps the best CG cars of the season with Campione, but even the character art had a disturbing tendency to go a little off-model at times which all too frequently turned people into disturbing fish creatures. The musical interlude at the end was also… uh… something else. A girl wanders into the middle of a park filled with people and begins dancing/singing out loud. To the music in her headphones. Or is everybody supposed to be able to hear it? Even street drummers and mimes have more sense than that. Mimes.

So, no. Unsurprisingly, I’m not a fan. The characters either bore me or annoy me, although the latter’s split between Angsty Spice being angsty and Spunky Spice both beginning and ending the episode by dancing in public because that is just how much happyness and healing energy she has contained inside her body and she just cannot help but let it all out and look at her strain with that bow and yada yada please stop shoving it down my throat now because I am choking.

Three down, four to go!


What point do the guys serve again?

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    The chorus at school were playing true tears opening, it was pretty good.

    The plot (plot?) was bland though, the female lead was annoying, but the visuals were solid, the male lead wasn’t a tard as usual, and the fanservice was minimal to non existent which is always a plus.

    Going to stick for a few more episodes, perhaps it will improve who knows.

    • rufe says:

      Ah, True tears. Somehow I mixed it up with Hanasaku Iroha, but now that you mention it the True Tears theme wasn’t sung flat in a nasal voice so I shouldn’t have mixed them up…

      • Nanaya says:

        The one thing I remember from that show is that it was the one time the girl whose side I was on actually ended up with him. Although that was more because I always vote against that first girl wins cliche since it’s so boring…

  • Totali says:

    Wein’s pen pal is named Yang. It always pays to befriend top tier!