Summer Snow Rendezvous #01 — Super Beer

July 5th, 2012


Yes, that is what I’m going to take from this episode.


And here’s the fullblown noitaminA allergy flaring up. I dozed through this entire episode without it doing a single notable thing. The music really helped me sleep too. It hits all the best points. Introverted male character worshipping the female lead from afar for ill-defined reasons, copious amounts of inner dialogue making him a motor mouth to the audience while the rest of the characters stand around staring at him waiting for those inner thoughts to complete (HA HA! ADAPTATING!), and of course, made on the same kind of budget you’d need for a night of one-man paintball. Also about as amusing as one-man paintball too.

Granted, it’s not trying to be funny usually, but I’m not sure what it’s trying to be either. Whiny? There’s probably some beatnik art student somewhere, wearing his beret, watching this in a Starbucks cafe going "Aaah, ennui," as he watches it. The episode went practically nowhere and served mainly to introduce the characters, all of which having the personality and presence of wallpaper paste. Even the ‘unique’ hook of the dead husband was just dull and flat as hell, plagued by all the same issues of self-narrating and staring at each other to describe the (lack of) action on screen with about the same amount of surprise used for having a hand shoved through you as there is for learning about someone’s birthday.

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  • Aroduc says:


  • The Phantom says:

    I was also sleeping 5-7 mins into the show xD, had to rewatch it after a good 2 hours nap.

    They made sure to make this as dull as possibly, every single character is uninteresting, even the “big twist” was terribly delivered, the rest of the show is not even worth mentioning.

    The only thing that I remember from this show is: “it’s time to move on” and I damn agree about it.

  • rufe says:

    You must hate all theater and opera Aroduc. Especially opera. So much monologuing and it ALL HAPPENS IN REAL TIME! How ludicrous.

    • Aroduc says:

      I should specify that it’s terrible monologuing that I detest, but with anime, that seems redundant. They mostly just love narrating what’s right in front of them, occasionally even as they’re in the middle of doing it. Or just read off character sheets. A good soliloquy at the right moment is very VERY far from that. There aren’t too many (good) plays that begin with the lead introducing himself to the audience and telling them about all his friends because, you know… Show Don’t Tell is the maxim of choice. Anime adaptations often just go “Hey, we can copy/paste this first person script! Genius! Off to do body shots off a Ukranian barmaid!”


    so watching this ok then give let see we have in seiyu joke yea we have the ghost of watanuki keep watching to see if tomoya tried to steal his wife yuko?

    yea hmm got wonder if expect rivalry between kyousuke vs ghost of lelouch to see if who will get Irisviel?

    hmm might hang around what else to happen.