Moyashimon #12 — Learning Time!

July 5th, 2012


I refuse to let anime teach me anything.


It started all right. The humor wasn’t particularly good, but I was expecting a lot more of a (re)introduction to characters (that I never really learned in the first place). I think all the horrible LN narration intros have indoctrined me to expect the worse and anything besides that is a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before it just devolved into little more than a series of lectures that chewed up most of the rest of the episode. Even once they got switched off, they were pretty blatantly stretching things out badly at the end. Here’s Bandana-head staring… still staring… still staring… still staring… Oh, right. Here’s what we can charitably call the cliffhanger to end the episode. Whew. Barely managed to fill in those extra 15 seconds we needed.

The show’s production and direction there also went from cheap to awful after the opening bit, with only the random drunken attacks and bacteria swarms barely managing to keep me awake. So I guess my overall thought is "yawn," which should come as no surprise considering my allergy to noitaminA series in general. This episode didn’t do much of anything to change my mind and either be good enough to enjoy watching or bad enough to enjoy writing about. I’ll take either of those over low impact noitaminA edutainment.


I guess this counts as the preview.

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