Love, an Election, and Chocolate #04 — Smelly Woman

July 26th, 2012


Oh boy. Japanese bullying again.

No new episode next week presumably because the TBS broadcast is over a week ahead of all other broadcasts. Or maybe it’s for Olympic Tetherball coverage. Who knows. Episode 5 will air August 9th.


Another fairly dull episode. Most of the middle was spent once again on planning election stuff and thinking about how to best get the word out among the gigantic swarm of other candidates. Probably the most entertaining part of the episode, to be very generous, was Satsuki vs the Ren-Faire-Equivilent clubs. It’s been the interactions between Yuuki and Chisato that I’ve always found to be the best part of this series so far and an episode pretty much without any of them… and instead with Satsuki getting pissy as well as really ill-conceived bullying sideplot… ugh.

These bullying things are pretty much never handled well, invariably relying on some utterly inane reason plus characters who have no purpose or reason for existence but to be the biggest and most overblown jackasses to the can-do-no-wrong hardworking innocent waif. This was no different. She gets cornered in the middle of doing her work at school by a wild roaming squad of bullies and has her underwear stolen/thrown into the garbage. And since he remains semi-ignorant of at least the last part, no doubt we’ll be getting even more of this later. Lovely.


Swimsuits and more sniffing.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NightShadow2239 says:

    I’m always hearing about bullying in Japan and I got to wonder… Is it really that prevalent? Or is it part of that whole “We need ratings… send in the bullys” thing?

  • MR.KLAC says:

    so this week ep race for president still going seeing many faces running on it.

    tomoya 2.0 meet ladder oh help a girl & smell good.
    plans idea for election for money to raise after many hmm go with yaoi bars?!
    of course get it re-cover & safe take a lot of work.
    tomoya 2.0 see Shinonome vs air sumo club yea total air they are.
    then isara still fixing til “oh no” a bunch of HO-SKI bullies.
    after day works tomoya 2.0 & rest walking home see isara in the area ask what happen?
    back in school isara still in pain from those HO-SKI bullies after did to her.
    yea they rip & throw her undies yea so UNCALLED for to do cue light blub break.

    to be continued…