Love, An Election, and Chocolate #01 — Morning Humpings

July 5th, 2012


Are we really surprised that you gave him a boner? Really?


This is going to be complex… and weird. It begins with a girl spying on some kind of handoff, and then they run her over and eat her camera’s memory card. From there, the happy-go-lucky OP kicks in followed by a happy-go-lucky insert song of the lead female getting dressed, and then jumping onto the MC, humping him, hugging him, and finally throwing him out of bed before becoming aghast by his… reaction… from the aforementioned humping. From there, a mutual friend joins them for messing around in the streets with him confessing his love and asking her out and them all acting out a love triangle. Then it’s on to the clubroom of ‘usual’ gigantic censoring light flares with the ‘guy’ (at least as far as uniforms are concerned), drooling over the MC mouthing a white chocolate stick until the MC snaps it off, sending Greeny doubling over in pain.

It is trying a little too hard with certain gags, like the guy with the hologram propeller on his head or the emoticon guy, and I have absolutely no bloody idea what to think of the attempted murder opening, but for the most part, it’s actually often pretty funny. I do generally like the lead characters too, confidence and trust in each other goes a long way. In particular, snatching the chocolate before Humpy ate it and it not turning into some kind of explosion but mutual understanding and honest appreciation. The main ones have pretty good chemistry in general aside from the humping, although some of the secondary club members are pretty annoying already and could be replaced by helium ballons in more than one way. Regardless, it was a smooth introduction to them without bludgeoning everything over the audience’s heads. Is that really where my standards for good are right now? Sigh.

So color me very pleasantly surprised. There are still plenty of flaws, like CG thingies all over the place, some squeaky annoying characters, and there’s certainly little particularly unique about the group’s archetypes, but it’s technically sound, it nailed the pacing and introduction for a huge number of characters, and made me chuckle a few times along the way. I hope it can keep the same thing up.



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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Alex the Too Old says:

    The “LOOK AT MY BOOBS!!” white panel on the front of the girls’ school uniforms created by the dopey detachable sleeves over the white blouses vies with the petticoats in Saki for pure, fetishized unlikeliness.

  • Kusano says:

    Memory card tasted like chocolate…..probably.

  • Kefit says:

    I’m really pretty impressed with the rapport depicted between the leads in this. It’s something that’s really not common in anime at all, and generally a sign of pretty good writing and character conception/vision. As you noticed, the comic timing and writing is great too. Call me pleasantly surprised with this show.

    Now let’s just hope that they can keep this up.


    oh my look this more to it something mix of all in it from drama, harem, comedy, main guy got same voice as Tomoya Okazaki, sweets, fun, big JUGS, a teacher drink beer with big cup, etc so much.

    it also got a conspiracy with hit-run doing adding also rid of evidience memory chip like take a potato chip & EAT IT!!!

    yet also chocolate

    hmm stick with it to see what else to expect?