Humanity Has Declined #01 — ‘Happy’ Bread

July 1st, 2012


Why couldn’t Rick bake something like that?

Apparently that Chitose show is 2 minutes long. I was lied to through secondhand internet information! Le sigh.


Hmm. It did get significantly better as it went, but given that it started with a shrieking cacophony of harpies screaming "SENSEI!! SENSEI!! SENSEI!!" there was nowhere to go but up. The whole bit with the silent kid where she carried on both sides of the conversation also seemed like something out of a terrible RPG and pained me greatly. Like I said though, things picked up a lot more in the second half, or to be exact, the last 8 minutes or so. The neverending internal narrative finally ended and the jokes became a little more visual instead of just kind of bland wordplay. The bread bot at the end was easily the high point and genuinely amusing. Much of the rest was more or less just filling time though with a few of the jokes being a little too hamhanded and shoved in my face to actually be funny. Yes, I see you’ve made a joke. I didn’t need it explained to me as well. Or written out either for that matter.

Production’s all right. Nothing special, but the only particularly cheap or terrible moment that comes to mind was the chicken escape from slaughter at the start. I do like the fairy tale art style and palette that they’re using. The music’s okay too, but the OP and ED hurt. Characters are… eh. The screaming bunch of harpies schoolgirls wouldn’t go away. The nameless lead annoyed me through the first half with the endless torrent of narration but it got a little more externalized in the second and was more stomachable. They could’ve/should’ve been using/abusing the fairies more in the episode too. That has potential that shrieking teenage girls do not have.

The closing bit earns it at least another week on a packed day, but a lot of the episode was honestly fairly dull. I prefer my comedies visual anyway. Hopefully there’ll be more things like the bread bot next week and less inner monologue.


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anise_Punter says:

    Two minute shows should be shot into the sun.

  • Jack says:

    OK, I found this show mostly a serious waste of my life, but the death of the bread robot, was incompletely hilarious. If they keep up that style of humor, I’ll stick with this.

    Otherwise, I really hate the fact that the fairies’ mouths don’t move with they talk. Annoying.

    • Jack says:

      Should be: “….when they talk.”

      Advice: don’t grow old. Your hands fail you.


    what the (bleep) did i just watch?!

    sure seem like regular show with fairies & regular girl then here come naked headless chicken?!

    & that bread-bot sure look ok then pull with red liquid?!

    ok who came up with show is likely on wacky pack & yet i’m so watching this now nuff said i’m in.

  • Mesousa2877 says:


    Just…just inner monologue everywhere.