Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere #14 — “What’s Sex?”

July 7th, 2012


Is that why all the mecha have breasts?

I’ll literally be on an airplane while everything’s airing tomorrow morning. I’ll get to it when I get to it, which will largely depend on how exhausted I am after waking up at 5:00am (or 2:00am my ‘real’ time… 4.5 hours from now!) to catch a five hour cross country flight.. Nobuna’s the only actual ‘new’ premiere, but there’s a number of other things I want to at least glance at the second episode for.


Aaaaaah, that’s much better. It’s still a little a lot over-enamored of having character stand around and spend upwards of 30 seconds explaining an attack that lasts 3 seconds before that character then disappears from the episode, or the two random short asides to teach and misunderstand about sex, but compared to certain other things, this is so much more what I want to see. No huge surprises here though in terms of anything though. It’s a sequel. It jumps right in where it ended without any flashbacks. Maybe the CG ships which look just horrendous compared to everything else. My memory of the first season was the CG mechs at least being handled decently enough. Those ships though… good god. I certainly don’t remember them ever being laughably bad like that. Maybe it’s just my memory though.

Not a whole ton in the way of important events. They had a brief little squabble with Spain before sailing off and immediately getting into a fight with the bard. Fight may be generous as all the usual over-posturing problems got worse. Tori was his usual charming self, wandering right through the anthema attack (or whatever you want to call the "bind the part of you that you hate the most" thing). Yes, yes, all the females have breast issues, plus the one background guy that apparently hates his head. Or maybe his eyes. Maybe he’s got a unibrow? A mystery that will haunt me for the rest of the night. ANYWHO, Horizon being totally bound by that attack was probably the most ‘notable’ thing to happen in the episode besides moving from point A to point B and the aforementioned educational lesson about sex. A lot of the rest was spent explaining everybody’s power, and while they did do a pretty good job keeping the fights moving along and everything in motion, they certainly could’ve done a lot better. Not everything needs to be spelled out at length, you know. I’m also not sure why the lesbian angel has a squad of useless men either. Or why there was one sentai group of them, one sumo group of them, and one Roman group of them. One of these groups is not like the others.

That’s enough to say about that. Sunrise did a good job with the first episode back and while they could certainly stand to put a little more meaning into these fights and a lot less yammering, as long as they can keep this up instead of getting lost in side events and flashbacks, I’m all for it. Beats listening to goddamned MMO tutorials any day of the week.


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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Rewriter says:

    Best season opener (so far).

  • Dynellen says:

    “Those ships though… good god. I certainly don’t remember them ever being laughably bad like that. Maybe it’s just my memory though.”

    They were clearly lower quality than in S1 but if you look into your OP video around the 1:05 mark and think that this season they’re re-enacting the England vs Spanish Armada battles it become pretty obvious they had to sacrifice some CG quality for the sheer quantity of CG that some later episodes require.

    But yeah best opening episode of the season by far. Tons of action and showing new characters instead of sitting around introducing them. Take note makers of Rinne s2, this is how you begin your season, not with a recap.

  • Masterson says:

    Well she did lost her weapon [broom] the previous season so at this moment there is not a lot she can do

  • icymirage says:

    Umm… plz no more guys running naked (and esp. not through the whole episode, good god). I don’t find it amusing no matter how many powerpoint slides I’ve been forced to watch.

  • ark noir says:

    Judge. I question if Tres Espana understand the point of student council when there are two men and one woman in it that must of been repeating school years for decades.