Zombie’ssu #23 — An Appropriate Ending

June 6th, 2012


More filler.


Yeah. What a stellar ending. Ariel becomes their teacher, Haruna accidentally invents a clothes-dissolving blob, and then a trip into Ayumu’s brain results in them accidentally giving him a brand new personality for about 8 minutes before they bring him back in such an emotional and moving ending (not including the tagline extra OVA episode, which is just going to be more T&A). I don’t even have the will to properly insult it. They introduced goddamned nothing new this season and they didn’t even wrap up that. They just left the tiny little shreds of plot dangling in the wind like dirty week-old underwear and even had the good grace to point that out in the credits montage at the very end. Fan-goddamned-tastic work with this one, Deen.


Final Thoughts:

What’s left to say? The first season collapsed under the weight of a completely inane villain and then increasingly awful character development, but at least it was always going somewhere. This season didn’t even get off the ground, including beginning with an episode that practically copy/pasted the entire script from the previous season. If it wanted to just be a comedy, fine. It would’ve been a poor comedy, mind you, since about 75% of its jokes were pointing out its own cliches and going "wow, cliches" while almost all of the rest were already tired three episodes into the first season, let alone after being done every single episode of this season. The few new jokes they did find, like Saras’s obsession with Ayumu’s ass, were similarly used over and over again until nothing but a bloody stump of the original humor remained.

Instead of focusing, they spent part of nearly every single episode teasing that something would happen, typically in cliffhangers in the last 30 seconds, like they knew what they should be doing, but for some moronic reason, wouldn’t do it. And in the end it was all just leading up to an episode utterly tearing that character apart and turning her into nothing more than another in the horrible mass of wish fulfillment pandering the entire rest of the cast. The closest the entire thing came to living up to the plot it kept pretending like it had was half an episode where the ‘antagonist’ literally dumped his/her entire plan out and then disappeared to never be seen again. And you can tell how important this was because they then spent the next three episodes cooking, going to concerts, drawing comics, and making slime. 

Way to take everything that was notable, both good and bad, about the first season and throw it all away to turn it all into a generic T&A mess.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dynellen says:

    Based on the novel spoilers I’ve read they managed to remove every interesting thing from the novels, including all the battles and endless gruesome deaths our friendly neighbourhood zombie had to suffer in the hands of Chris.

    First season was decent and over the top enough to be memorable, this season… I already don’t really remember anything about the earlier episodes since there really was nothing happening, comedy or action wise.

    Thank you Deen for ruining yet another potentially great adaptation.

    • Kaisos says:

      So it was Deen being themselves again? WONDERFUL.

      Fuck, the first half of the first season was actually really good… so they kept the tone from that in the books rather than wasting time on bullshit?

      Awesome. Fuck Deen.

  • firecow says:

    Yeah Deen Thanks for nothing and ruining everything about as possible. The Director or producer should be fired for making this kind of shit of nothingness really.

  • tokwa says:

    zombie and comedy doesn’t mix’ssu

  • DK says:


    What? WHAT?! (stutters) (put waters and milk on his face)


    WE WAITED ALL THIS TIME FOR THAT?! You can’t be serious! You can’t be serious!

    Even the Majikoi and Ladies vs Butlers endings were MUCH better than this! If I heard that this series lead up to the final between the girls and this zombie, instead of building it up to Chris, and actually let her live, then people, I believe that THESE guys from Majikoi…



    would have been a MUCH better payoff! I mean seriously?


    P.S. try and guess where I got this from

  • Benigmatica says:

    Oh DEEN… Why do you have to ruin this second season!?


  • Wilfriback says:

    First season: Complains about the serious and dramatic parts.

    Second season: Complains about the comedic and lighthearted parts.