ZETMAN #12 — More Chest Stabbing

June 18th, 2012


This time, self-inflicted!


Not to sound like a tape recorder myself, but pacing, pacing, pacing. This episode could’ve easily been reduced to about 10 minutes, maybe even less, and stretching out every single little thing about the fight(s) was like the whole thing having an anvil strapped to its forehead. The evil red spikey Zet transformy thing, for example, nearly four minutes agonizing over whether to use it, another minute of transformation, thirty more seconds of the smoke clearing and Kouga looking surprised and good god that’s now an entire quarter of the episode. The tail end of that bit did feature some hilariously horrendous animation of people running away though. I was also having a bit of trouble figuring out what the hell the winged-ball guy was doing. Things kept exploded, but nobody was ever hurt by them. An exposion blew out the side of a room full of people, but killed nobody. Engulfed a helicopter, yet it flew away unscathed. What exactly was that all about? Plus, Kouga once again killed it (and another guy!) by switching his sword-gun from sword mode to gun mode. Why doesn’t he just stick with that in the first place?

Anyway, then Jin let out some… thingy… from the magic spike thingy which turned a bunch of people, including Hanako, into beasties or just plain dead. It’s not worth worrying about the fine points of the writing. I’m still not sure what Evol’s overall plan is anyway besides "be evil", "show everybody that we’re evil," and "let’s make Jin have a bunch of flashbacks." Oi. The end was just one long string of staring at each other and flashbacks. Less is more, people. These are literally monsters that just murdered a bunch of people and turned your girlfriend into a giant tentacle beast too. How is that not enough motivation to fight them? These are villains, not psychiatrists. We do not need an in-depth exploration of feeeeeelings before you try to stab each other in the face.


Exciting preview as always.

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  • Anonymous says:

    They’ve completely destroyed any semblance this show had with the manga at this point, not that anyone was expecting them to follow the manga the whole way since it’s so long, but still.