ZETMAN #11 — Fl-Fl-Fl-Flashbacks!

June 11th, 2012


Really laying them on thick lately, Japan.


A flashback in the eleventh hour… not 3 minutes before antagonists are killed… explaining his tragic past and why we should care about them? Oh boy! Now this scene has emotional conflict and stuff and junk and whatnot. Because his son was dead but not really, and now he’s taking out his revenge on unassociated people by forcing them to shoot themselves in the head. And it as a Kouga episode too? You know how much I absolutely love seeing him. The ‘funniest’ part of the episode was how his trump card was repeatedly using his gunsword as a gun instead of a sword. We could’ve skipped the sword part entirely, you know.

Yada yada, tests to make you a reaaaaaal man but actually I just hate you, "Oh crap, my plan to hold a girl hostage failed completely when you just grabbed the gun out of her hands and shot us," Hanako kidnapped, Jin stabbed in chest… again… and that’s a wrap. More eventful than most episodes, but it’s still lacking that artistic style from the first episode or two that really sells the violence and brutality that they’re obviously trying to go for. Antagonists turning into sparklies isn’t helping either. At least there wasn’t any awkward censorship this week.  


Oh no! A gun.

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