The Woman Named Fujiko Mine #12 — It’s a Small World After All

June 20th, 2012


They built an entire amusement park?


I’ve given up even trying to make sense of any of this. It begins with a flashback of her father-owl throwing her teddy bear in the fire and then apparently branding her foot before we snap back to the present for Zenigata to drag her to an amusement park run by the owls full of Fujiko-themed rides, including but not limited to an It’s a Small World Ride featuring children being turned into Fujiko, mad scientist labs, etc. Can you imagine the amount of planning and construction that must’ve gone into making a Fujiko themed ride? And then she begins shooting them all up. Meanwhile, Lupin wanders around talking with Jigen about how weird the whole Fujiko thing is (no kidding) before just getting into a gunfight with an owl. Which didn’t stop his exposition or the rampant swarm of flashbacks either, mind you. The confusing part of that was that before the CM, the owl was on an unfinished roller coaster track while Lupin and Jigen were on the ground. After the CM, they were on an entirely different roller coaster track.

Meanwhile MEANWHILE, Goemon was strapped down by the owls and being turned into Fujiko. There’s nothing like a bunch of owls dressed in lab coats applying lipstick to a blushing samurai to really make you wonder what the hell anybody was thinking here. And if that’s not enough, he began running around in stockings and a VERY short dress after escaping. Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile, Fujiko and Zenigata stumble into a shooting gallery of Fujiko mannequins (complete with scoreboard) who then begin coming to life, so Zenigata clotheslines/headlocks them. Which as you know, is the weakness of animatronic naked women. And it turns out the one live one was Oscar, who apparently survived holding an exploding bomb unharmed (which nobody but Lupin knew about, remember), and meanwhile (x4), Fujiko came face to face with her father-owl.

OOoooooookay, Okada. How you keep getting work will forever remain a mystery to me.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    I thought nothing could top that part II ep when some celeb chick wants to turn Lupin into a wax statue.


    so like indeed fujiko’s past & memories are back to get her

    flashback show white owl burn bear & brand burn fujiko.
    zenigata now out see fujiko want answers.
    then realize it’s owl people meanwhile lupin & jigen on same search too.
    enter fun park for zenigata & fujiko to lead house of fujiko.
    fujiko start recall her past from papa, experiment, etc.
    yet she snap go wild & oh lupin & jigen enter the park too.
    cause lupin see more hmm about fujiko & owl.
    owl person appear want lupin kill fujiko but lupin want answers.
    goemon while got “surgery” by owl doctors.
    zenigata & fujiko search exit but dolls only.
    more fujiko past is showing while white owl watch.
    lupin & jigen then boom owl escape recall death day of fujiko.
    zenigata & fujiko attack by not dolls.
    but by failed copied of fujiko?!
    goemon escape all in fujiko outfit slash the power.
    zenigata handle copies with of them is oscar.
    fujiko meet white owl & said papa?

    to be continued…

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    I keep on thinking that if you totally left out all the Fujiko parts and only focussed on the Lupin parts you would have and a great little 4 or 5 part OAV…